Jd.com Founding Riches Withdraw From Management Positions

Billionaire Richard Liu - The founder of China JD.com giant e-commerce foundation will withdraw from daily operating activities. "Richard Liu, who founded the company in 1998, will spend a lot of time More time to develop the company's long-term strategies, "JD.com said in a statement. Before Liu, there were some billionaires who decided to leave the official management and administration positions in The Chinese government context is strengthening supervising technology firms

. Beijing government has conducted antitrust polls and provides more close regulations for all areas, from video games Go to the protection measures for employees in an attempt to limit the "disorder expansion" in the field of technology.JD.com is an e-commerce development company in China and opponents The top competition of the "giant" Alibaba
ong Liu, also known as Liu Qiangdong, was arrested in the United States in 2018 due to involvement in 2018. Fleet, before being allowed to return to China.JD.com does not give specific reason for the management of management positions and said Mr. Richard Liu will remain the president and executive director of the company . Before, Jack Ma - Alibaba founder, also chose to recluse and dodge communication after the first stock offering of Ant Group company was stopped by the Chinese government. Alibaba Group also received a record penalty of US $ 2.75 billion with the reason for violations of antitrust regulations. In May, Mr. Zhang Yiming, founder Bytedance, the company owns Tiktok social networks, also declared Dad left the position at the top of his company, while Pinduoduo's president, Colin Huang, announced in March that he would quit his job to focus on charity activities

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