Jealousy In West Lake: The Husband Affirmed That He Did Not Beat His Wife And Children, Emotion To The Other Girl Was One Way

According to the social network post, the husband shared himself and his wife has long had a conflict between two people as well as in the family. The jealousy in the West Lake (Hanoi) occurred on October 6 Recently, it is still a hot topic that is extremely interested in the online community. Many clips are shared on social networks, the wife arrested in the match with a young girl on the car so he rushed into his hair, pulled Both out. Before the rage of the Furniture, his husband only hugged the girl with a battlefield instead. Functional volume right in the night has brought 3 people involved in the office

. It is known that the two couple did the divorce and prepared to go to court to solve the marriage. Jealousy makes the social network get up "waves" on the night of jealousy, the girl was jealous Quickly lock the personal page before the search of the online community. Meanwhile, the couple in the case of "element" on social networks, spoke about the truth behind the story
HERE, Facebook account name Q.C. (It is supposed to be the husband) that has a long post on the personal page attending the incident because the incident has gone too far and wishes the surrounding people are not affected. In addition, the husband insists that he doesn't have a beat of his wife as his wife has "prosecuted" before. "Because the incident goes too far and affects the honor of a lot of unrelated people, so the day Now I will take a correct voice of the last incident, and hope people can understand their current situation: about the relationship between themselves and H. (wife). We have long. In the middle of 2 people as well as families, H. often have improper words with your parents and your parents even in front of outsiders, this whole relatives can prove. (in the recording There are also paragraphs H
offending to his parents). And the H. Work in front of everyone and online, I beat your wife and children, I guarantee this completely fabricated. Last year (2020) main H . 5 times 7 times demanding writing single divorce but I do not agree for the reason for children, earlier this year with H. Also in private room from April 4.And 3 months ago, 2 people agreed to write a application Divide and go together to the court, but because of it g the epidemic so the court requires to be submitted to the post. And H. also moved out for 1 time but because of my disease and my education, my family thought for me to welcome H. Lastly to take care of care. I and H. Officially ended the relationship with any other incident. "Besides, the husband also shared the affection to the girl in the clip in the clip just one way from him. The other girl only watched him as a friend: "About related to you, I would like to have a 1-way affection with you and you just consider you. I also told you to be H. H. has moved out and finished the procedure (this is my fault, I would like to accept and don't do it) so you're comfortable to meet each other. What do you have to do with everyone so people don't take the error for you. This has affected you and your family so I hope everyone recognizes the problem and don't let the incident go too far. "The husband deleted this post on his personal page. However, lover Stay with screen photos and share widely on social networks that cause many opposes.

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