Jealousy In West Lake: The Wife Spreads To The Closer, ‘hope Everyone For You And Your Husband To Fix It

After the noisy involuing jealousy in West Lake, the wife had formal sharing on the personal page, hoping everyone did not talk about the past. Jealousy happened in Ho Tay (Hanoi ) On the evening of October 6 is still a story that is concerned when both consecutively post an explanation, attaching things on the personal page. A Facebook account is said to be the stack of the post. The couple did a divorce to the court, only in the epidemic situation for taking care of children; And the affection for the girl is said to be a person who only comes from one way. The wife immediately reflected her husband to promote her husband but her parents still defended

. After the loud noise, afternoon 8/10, the wife wrote a fairly long confide on the personal page. Accordingly, she said, "The third person" has sorry, thereby looking forward to everyone who can stop talking, embroidery weave more about this anymore. "The mind" of the wife on his personal page Ewide I just want to say something
I'm tired enough. I apologize to your children because I don't give them a home, complete love, my parents must be sad. And hope everyone don't talk Returns to this again and doesn't post the true information about your family. My husband suicide and her father-in-law is not true everyone. My mother-in-law is also unrelated What comes to this. You and my parents are very normal. And also hope everyone for you and your husband a chance to use it wrong because you're sorry, I'm sorry ... everyone Let They stood in front of the conscience judgment
.. ". In the comment section, many people have sent a commentary, encouraged positively to the wife after many events. The wife has the conflict on the page Personally after the groves are related to the jealousy. Before That, the clip recorded the noisy jealousy scene in West Lake received great attention from the network community. Related this incident, Representative of Nhat Tan Ward said that the couple in the case did divorce, preparing to go to court to resolve marriage. However, the wife asked her husband must not have a relationship with others when not officially divorced.

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