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On July 20, Blue Origin Space Service Company (USA) made the first passenger flight to the universe. Their passengers, no one else, is the billionaire Jeff Bezos and three members. After a lot of expectations, the historic tour has been successful.0: 00/2: 58 Southern Southern New Shepard launched in Texas, USA. Photo: REUTERS BLUE ORIGIN has gone into the world aerospace history, with a flight into the first private passenger space, marking Blue Origin's accession to the private aerospace market, Along with Virgin Galactic of Richard Branson and SPACEX billionaires of Elon Musk billionaire

. Rich Amazon Jeff Bezos, who established Blue Origin from more than two decades ago, started his first universe flight with his brother Mark Bezos, the youngest universe explorer ever Oliver Daemone and the pioneer of Wally Funk, 82-year-old. Founders Amazon and the three members have started the trip "Universe tourism" at 9:12 minutes On the morning of July 20 (local time) on the edge of space from a remote place in western Texas on the New Shepard spacecraft. The flight was coincided with the anniversary of American astronaut Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin became the first to walk on the moon (July 20, 1969)
The aircraft returned to Earth about 9h19 minutes and officially touched the desert at 9:22 minutes. Jeff Bezos billionaire was announced by Blue Origin. Photo: Botheo Reuters, at the time of testing the health status before leaving the aircraft after space tour, Bimzos billionaire shared about realizing the dream of flying in the long-awaited space of the space I. "The best day ever", Mr. Bezos excitedly speech. Before the billionaire Bezos tourist space, the founder of Virgin Group, billionaire Briton Richard Branson, also completed the first flight of Virgin Galactic Universe Travel Company. Specifically, on July 11, Mr. Branson participated in the first full-flying flight of VSS Unity spacecraft developed by Virgin Galactic subsidiary. This is the potential competitor of Blue Origin in the tourism shopping business. Fares for a chair in the most recent announcement of Virgin Galactic is $ 250,000
Meanwhile, Blue Origin has not announced the fare, but the price is predicted to be about 6 numbers. The two companies have given passengers to experience a not gravity environment for 3-4 minutes and look Earth from above. But the flight experience because Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic still have significant differences. For example, New Shepard's ship is automatically launched and landed with it, and VSS Unity is a space plane controlled by two pilots, taking off on the aircraft carriage and landing on the runway. New Shepard's ship also flew higher than VSS Unity. The relatives congratulate safe landing members. Photo: New Shepard Universe Bot is an automatic automatic launch system of 18.3 m consisting of fully automated missiles and passenger compartments, no pilot controls inside. This system is completely operated by the computer on the train, while Virgin Galactic vessel uses a space plane with 2 pilots. Shepard's Shepard's Shepard flies with a speed of 3,540 km / hour on Karman, the boundary between the earth's atmosphere and space.: According to Space, BBC, REUTERSN.A

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