Jennie Blackpink Made Netizen Blow With A Small Dream Waist When Advertising Lingerie

Netizen everywhere was a stunned phen with Jennie Blackpink's latest medical advertising series. She wears a set of clothes showing off the whole body. Nobody thinks Blackpink members have a 'daring' day to this extent.0: 00/1: 35 Southern Southern Calvin Klein products continue to launch photos and videos for its autumn BST advertising campaign, especially the Internal medicine products. CK's internal medicine before now is very popular, because of the healthy style, can be slippery in the form of crop-top, or wearing inside the jacket without obscene

. Jennie Blackpink's shooting for this brand get a lot of compliments of Knet. Not only showing off her toned body, a small dream waist, but Jennie didn't even bring the feeling of a cheese or objection when wearing a set of internal medicine. The first time Jennie dared to show off this round, It turned out that not only owning a micro-slender waist, Jennie also made Netizen crazy with the body "which rounds" was extremely charming
Jennie's body showing photo was commented as a "extremely harsh" response with Information about the fact that she has a 3rd round is too small and often has to use "spare parts" to create a perfect body curve.Jennie has definitely practiced very hard to get this dream body. Immediately after the video and a series of photos were released, Hashtag Jennie Kim surged to the 2nd Top Trend Global, and the keyword Jennie X Calvin Klein became one of the hottest keywords of social networks. Basic and looked to know "everyone can wear" of this CK internal series, Netizen predicts its products will soon burn goods, especially when advertised by women Idol with high brand value Nhat Nhi K-Pop.Jeanie - Photo: Calvin Klein

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