Jennie Blackpink Owns An Extreme Waistline Thanks To This ‘divine’ Diet?

From a long time, Knet still spread a dietary to be Jennie (Blackpink) with miraculous effects. Just applying 3 days is the waist reduction of 3 cm. Really Jennie has eaten this mode to have an extreme waistline? 0:00 / 2: 00Nam southrong the new photo ads for lingerie products, Jennie shows off the whole shape of dispatches and praises to be beautiful -Pop current. Soft hip lines, stomach abdominal muscles and waist without a little fat help Jennie wear nothing beautiful. This is now, Netizen is still rumored to be Jennie's diet

. This miraculous menu is so much that just eating in 3 days with the exercise is that the waist will decrease quickly. There have been some Youtuber of Korea to test this diet and all recognized it really effective.Theo Knet shares, the first day, breakfast and dinner only eat salad including vegetables like lettuce, melon Mouse, tomato ball or butter and boiled chicken eggs, with a cup of brown rice tea
Lunch has a porridge mixed with a honey with a small Thai banana. The second day: Breakfast is still a salad as the previous day but adds to boiled sweet potatoes or steaming so that the body does not lack starch and sugar. You can use brown rice tea or fruit juice to supplement vitamins, lunches are eaten arbitrarily and dinner only loads 2 bananas. The 3rd day: Morning is a mixed smoothie from apple, mango , orange, strawberries, lunch to eat freely and come evening, there is a porridge mixed with honey, and chopped bananas. Besides applying this menu, you still need to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. It is possible that Yoga, Pilates or sets of Plank articles are also. And according to the girls who used to apply Jennie's diet, it was unexpectedly effective. The weight does not decrease much, but the waist is smaller than 3 to 3.5 cm. This diet is trusted by many Knet because it does not have to remove meals or eat too much affect health
Even, each person can change a little bit depending on their needs and eating preferences. Of course, not everyone achieves remarkable results like this, will have people reduce less depending on the muscle Location and daily routines. Most importantly, you need to continue to maintain a healthy diet and practice regularly to keep your weight and stabilize health and health. Mai Phong - Photo synthesis from many sources

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