Jeon Somi Reduced 4kg Thanks To The Diet With Bananas But Was Warned Not To Apply?

After Jeon Somi revealed that she had lost the weight of 46.6 kg to comeback with the new song, many people said that Jeon Somi was too skinny, the weight like this could not guarantee the health for female idol.jeon somi It is supposed to force the weight so much that causes the body to be thin. Normally, because she was applying a very safe and healthy diet. Idol asserted her to be a healthy diet so everyone didn't worry

. However, Somi also revealed that she was sick Must negotiate to quickly stay healthy and participate in the schedule planned by the company before. The former Ioi member wants to hide the story of being unwell to avoid fans to worry, nor does it want the audience to misunderstand that she is sick just because it's too harsh diet.Jeon Somi has just been transmitted because of being sick
Fans that she lose weight properly, but Netizen still assumed that the Idol Female fed too much. When he first joined the showbiz, Somi had a chubby body due to likes to drink milk tea as well as regular snacks. In mid-2019, when Somi moved from JYP to The Black Label, she started to lose weight and say no to the previous snacking habit.Somi used to share her bananas to lose weight. When, somi Use diets with bananas. Each somi meals only eat a banana and drink the filtered water and she fell to 4kg after only one week, with a neat body that made the audience very unexpectedly. However, a Canadian female vlogger who used to eat according to Somi's regime and acknowledged her extremely tired, sluggish throughout the diet, so this female vlogger advised people not to apply it because completely Not good for health. Miu Miu - Photo synthesis from the internet

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