Jeon Somi Reveals The Training Method And An Effective Weight Loss Menu: Save Immediately Miss!

The point of her wonderful weight loss ways! Somi has just comeback with Dumb Dumb - the song catches ears and addiction to the last August 2. This is also a comeback that receives a lot of positive reactions of the netizens because of the beautiful appearance like her doll with a balanced, toned shape. She also revealed about the height and weight of dreams: 172cm and 46kg! During the photo shoot and interview with W Korea magazine, the female singer also shared some secrets to have a beautiful body At.Whi was asked how she was practicing, Somi said he had about 4 to 5 years of pursuing Pilates - the weight loss method by combining a series of control exercises to increase strength Muscular and improved health. Nearby, she also practices PT - Personal fitness training

. In Somi's point of view, exercise and PT are actually highly effective. Because the female singer is also quite "mobilized nervous" so exercise regularly brings abundant energy sources and feeling satisfying for her. "When I practice, I feel that my energy rises rapidly, and now I can raise heavy quintals
It's really fun and comfortable" - Jeon Somi shared. Know the current favorite dish is Muksabal (made from oak grain jelly combined with cool water, sweet sour). This is a good food for weight loss: "It's very delicious, not too bland, but it's important that it almost does not contain calories." My favorite food now. To own an admirable physique , Somi tried to practice and eat healthy. What is a encouraging thing?

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