Jiangsu (china) Found The Imported Kiwi Fruit Lot As Covid-19

Covid-19 Translation Prevention Communication Agency, Nam Thong City, Jiangsu Province on September 22, announced, a kiwi fruit imports from New Zealand with positive test results and part of the shipment sold at Supermarket of Hai Mon District. After receiving the announcement, the Hai Mon district authorities quickly organized the epidemic control, agencies and functional departments to implement a comprehensive investigation of this Kiwi lot , Investigation of exposed relationships, closure supermarkets, implementing environmental samples and other necessary precautions and control measures. (Artwork: KT) Direct contact staff with lots Kiwi was forced to be isolated. Currently, the test samples of employees and environmental samples are exposed to the kiwi batches for negative results. The control and prevention of HaiMen district disease calls on people who have bought or exposed to the kiwi fruits sold In the relevant supermarket, cooperating with the authorities to implement urgent measures to prevent epidemics to prevent disovers of Covid-19


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