Jisoo (blackpink) Is “drowned” With A Natural Makeup Type, Sisters Don’t ‘learn’ According To The Bad

Phyodores, the violet face also cannot save Jisoo (Blackpink) when the makeup in a natural style.0: 00/1: 53 Nou Nam is a member of the Female Blackpink Female Group, Jisoo The public conquered with the Layout Makeup gently, in Veo. She was dubbed the "Miss Korea" or "YG House God" by the face of the elegant, good looking and appealing appearance. Many times Jisoo chose a natural makeup to turn on his beauty, making the opposite person extremely attractive. But this time this time Jisoo has turned into the "loss point" box when choosing a natural makeup with natural makeup with Pale nude tones

. In the clip was published in Instagram's vogue magazine, the female singer looked livelihood, his face like sleepy, punched because of choosing a wrong way of makeup and lipstick. Along with the lights in the studio, she looked like she was just sick. It was not possible to boldly choose to choose a pitiful situation like Jisoo
Leave a few tips below so that if you choose this layout, it is not afraid to be pale, unsightly. Let Eyeliner simply eyes are the soul window. And if you want a natural eyes, instead of attaching false eyelashes, sharpen the thick mascara, it is best to just use a colorless lead to draw a piece of Eyeliner piece to do the highlight. So looks gentle and more natural. Cheeks with your own color lipstick The enemy attraction is the gentle red cheeks of a girl. And how to use the pink cheeks to naturally use your lipstick to light up the cheek. So you have just saved the same time in makeup colors. Select fresh lipstick color Red lipstick or outstanding color is definitely not a good choice when pursuing natural makeup style. You should choose to give yourself beautiful, gentle lipstick colors, with skin tones such as pink, soil color, nude orange, light redness .
. when hitting lipsticks only need to fleck lip, spreads all the lips are mirror Your face adds fresh and full of life.An NY (General)

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