Jisoo Likes To Wear A Headband But What Kind Of Design Helps Her Both The Best Blackpink?

Jisoo is definitely a member who likes to wear the first band of Blackpink, with a collection of enough color enough. But only one type of headband helps Jisoo the most radiantly beautiful in: 00/1: 29 Namkhi Jisoo revealed in the Livestream of Blackpink's birthday, many people said that both Blackpink gained weight, mold The face looked roundly to see it clearly. But only the next few days, also appeared in another Livestream event, Jisoo was praised for beautiful thousands, the beauty was actually worthy of "Idol like Miss". Jisoo cannot increase weight loss so quickly, both Livestream sessions are not crossed. Bothpink still released the hair, still in the trendy brown and Netizen discovered the "culprit" was the capital that Jisoo wears

.Jisoo loves wearing a headband, owning a colorful collection of designs different. But it is not that the headband also helps to relieve her beauty both Blackpink.The headband designed, hugging the head like this made her face look more round while in fact Jisoo has a violet face Fittings
Jisoo also invests in genuine pearls and pearls and everyone recognizes this slender design to help Jisoo look at the elegant, softer than the broadband models. The tip of round heads and when wearing a tape gaps the bigger head greater than usual. That's why Jisoo should choose small tape types and sparkling stones, helping her both Blackpink like wearing crowns on top. And actually don't need hair accessories, just a light curly hair This is that both Blackpink is very beautiful and beautiful. Phong Phong (General)

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