Johnny Tri Nguyen Tu Designed Electric Motorbikes With A Convertible, With Air Conditioning

Actor Johnny Tri Nguyen recently unexpectedly launched a drawing of an electric motorcycle sketched by himself and was about to put on production to serve personal preferences. 9: 00/2: 15Nam Southern00: 00/07: 57 New here, on the Personal Facebook page of actor Johnny Tri Nguyen has suddenly shared the first pictures and information about a unique electric motorcycle with 2 front wheels, a first-wheeled Cabin Sealed looks like a future car. It can be said that Johnny Tri Nguyen's electric motorcycle has a lot of different designs compared to the current tricycle models on the market today such as Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity or including Can-Am Spyder. 3 wheels with a unique cabin by Johnny Tri Nguyen Design.Theo Johnny Tri Nguyen, he has ideas and outline designs for this poison motorcycle model in the last 3 months

. This model is named by actors to AE.1. In it, AE is the abbreviation of the "Aggressive Evolution" cluster
Currently, the process of sketching AE.1 motorcycles of Johnny Tri Nguyen is being completed and prepared to go into actual fabrication. However, the 47-year-old actor also said he had not yet calculated the time to complete the car due to many details of AE.1 to wait for information from overseas components. Not only has a fancy design but also the way to open very interesting. Johnny Tri Nguyen's ae.1 three-wheel motorcycle will be equipped with electrical motor capabilities to produce a maximum capacity of 148 horsepower And maximum torque 230 nm. He also said this car will be equipped with 18 kW 450 A.johnny Pin Cluster. Nguyen Tri Nguyen also shared with friends on social networks that his car has a cabin for the driver to be air-conditioned and cooled Entertainment system, play music
In addition, this cabin is also capable of ensuring safety for people sitting in the car. The car is designed by Johhny Tri Nguyen Qi Nguyen designed to have air-conditioning, entertainment music systems and safety features People in the car. In the world cinema village, there were many actors with hobbies to create their own cars such as actor Keanu Reeves with Arch Motorcycles brand. In Vietnam, Johnny Tri Nguyen is probably the first to start with the road to design its own car. Johnny Tri Nguyen is a famous actor in action movies and also a member Charm speed. Before returning to Vietnam, he used two models of Ducati Monster 620 and Yamaha R6 in the United States. After the artistic activity in Vietnam, Johnny Tri Nguyen properly adds Ducati Monster 1100, Honda CBR 600, Ducati Hypermotard, Ducati 899 Panigale, Ducati Multistrada, ... We will continue to update more information most about the unique motorcycle of actor Johnny Tri Nguyen in the coming time.

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