Join Ho Chi Minh City 4 Months, Hanoi Girl Please Go Against Epidemic

The work of making cakes made of Tue Linh (Hanoi) always works. When he was stuck in Ho Chi Minh City, she couldn't go home, she hid the family to go to TNV after days in the house in the house. "Take off the apron and put on a protective suit. Each set has a private pleasure ", Nguyen Thi Tue Linh (born in 1996, Hanoi) shared with Zing about working days to support VNV supports epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. The 25-year-old girl has 7 years of attachment with baking career and receiving support Teach making cakes for parties in need

. Normally, the mid-year period is when Tue Linh turns out to fly into the inside provinces to participate, guiding the courses to make pastries and moon cakes. "This time, when it has just completed the layers Lam Dong, I went to Ho Chi Minh City, the epidemic outbreaks again. Classes cancel all, I stuck until now ", Linh shares
Nguyen Thi Tue Linh (Hanoi) Register for a volunteer in Ho Chi Minh City , After temporarily not going home while the epidemic tension is far away from the longest house to go to Ho Chi Minh City, it is only 3-4 days for 3-4 months. Linh said she chose to stay, didn't find a way to return because of the safety of parents and her little daughter in Hanoi. Luckily, she was with her aunt's family, not watching the problem of the hospital at home. Last four months, income dropped to zero, Tue Linh had to cut unnecessary spending, living based on its own savings. "During TP. HCM stretches the way, I don't dare Where to go because of fear of bringing pathogens, especially someone who has a university entrance exam this year. Everything has a uncle, aunt worry, I help a part so it is still possible to cover yourself, "she said So, the job slowed plus at home for several days continuously, she could not avoid the downside mood, repeatedly feels depressed, stressed. Before the other, the baking career asked Lan Lao Lao's limbs Continuously, communicating with many people, contrary to the status of a place where a place is reluctant. "I have never been away from the oven, egg hit, so long powder should be very 'itching' Craving feeling rolling into the kitchen, remembering the scent of the new cake to the oven ", she expressed it. To go to do TNV, Linh hid the family of relatives, secretly carrying luggage, furniture to the place of concentration in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City
This is also the first time Linh went away from home for so long. The 5-year-old daughter had to send a temporary grandmother to take care of. "I used to cry a lot because I missed my child, remembering my loved ones. The first time in Ho Chi Minh City, my health was not good so I was tired Both physical and mental ", Linh recounts again. Do not want negative moods forever, Thinking to the support TNV support, after the injection of Nose 1 Vaccine Room Covid-19." On the evening of August 25, I Incidentally see a post call for registration. Don't think a lot, I fill out the information. A while later, I was contacted and announced to focus on the next day, "Everything happened more quickly than thought. Early the next morning, Linh quietly handed the furniture, when the whole house was still asleep. She did not dare to say ahead with him, aunt, just told the cousin to say it again. "Both are very lovingly, worried, so if they are sure to protest. Go to the focus, I call it The newspaper was also too excited by her. After all, she was still informed with carefully, fully eating and remembering to avoid herself with sickness ", Linh said. Linh Linh to the market according to people's orders . "Never thought I also went to the epidemic" Currently, Tue Linh is a volunteer volunteer operating in Ward 13, District 6. One day her usually begins at 7:30 and ending after 16 hours, returning to the concentration area The first, the spirit is tasked with coordinating, going to each household in the area to sample the test. After that, she added a job to the market, bringing the necessities to the door every house. "Each job is different. Going to the market may not have sun exposure, rain drying but must move a lot, It takes time to pick up every dish so that according to the order. Yes, I go from morning to more than 14-15 hours, "Linh said. The day goes to the market, medium spirit and teammates receive 100 single in the day. At any more, the number increased to 120-130 single / day. Small group of Tue Linh consists of 5 other members, both men and women. Knowing she from Hanoi and was stuck in Ho Chi Minh City, everyone asked, encouraged her much. "I have a chance to make friends with many people in the provinces in the South". At night, in the concentration area, she and the members of the other teams gathered in a chat, telling a working day. Player at rest, she called the video call about asking her parents and daughters at home . The 5-year-old girl did not understand everything, usually often "Mother back soon", "Mother to pick me up with" .mong's biggest wants the 25-year-old girl now is home, the delegation Capacitor with parents and daughters. Quoc Khanh Quoc Khanh 2/9, Tue Linh is talented as a cake to treat teammates. Simple cakes, fast, no high technical requirements. However, she had to use freshwater cans to roll the powder because of a lack of a tool. "Everyone's reaction is quite positive. Have you complimented delicious, yes you asked this a cake because you never eat ever", she

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