Jollibee Chooses Aws As A Cloud Service Provider To Promote Number Conversion

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Notice: Jollibee Foods Group (Jollibee Group), one of the largest food trading enterprises in the world with 17 brands and more than 5,800 stores in 34 countries, chose AWS as a house Providing priority cloud computing services Globally.Jollibee promotes the conversion of Jollibee font shifting its information technology infrastructure (IT) from data centers in the Philippines, some quarters Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North America on AWS. This movement helps Jollibee to operate faster, allowing the company to quickly respond to changes in consumer behavior, As the number of orders brought to increase significantly ..

. to accelerate the process of switching to the cloud, the global headquarters of Jollibee in the Philippines is pioneering the transition to AWS. The company has worked with DXC Technology, AWS partners in the Philippines, to stop working on-site data centers and bring its important SAP applications to AWS in less than 24 hours. So far, moving to the cloud has helped this group reduce costs, rationalizing IT management and creating new services
Yoly sour, Head of Jollibee's business technology department in the Philippines And EMEA said: "AWS helped us cloud application to switch operation, allowing us to act quickly when restaurant eating restaurants continue to change. Advanced services of AWS as analysis, is an important driving force to help us become an organization using data in operation, capable of innovating innovation in all areas of business, from shipping Onion the supply chain to the selling point. Cloud computing helps us bring our customers the best experience at the restaurant and sellers bring about ". The basis of Jollibee in the Philippines used Amazon Dynamodb, a fast and flexible NSQL database service For high-performance applications at all sizes, to help tag, monitor and create sales reports. Amazon Athena interactive query service allows this group to automatically create operations on the operation Department of Sales Report to provide detailed information in real time on restaurants, such as the best-selling dishes in the menu, preferences of ordering and combining items, results of promotions and the restaurant's revenue. This information allows Jollibee to improve the efficiency of commodity storage and coordination of staff.Conor McNamara, General Director of AWS ASEAN Trade Business said: "Jollibee Group still remains Continue to serve customers both in difficult times, and they use AWS to create data application routes to improve their women A customer experience. We look forward to helping Jollibee's brands to promote AWS's top cloud services to overcome this difficulty as well as robust with creative services, bring satisfaction to guests goods ".kim bar

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