Jorginho ‘slashing Wind’: Stone Failed 11m Before He Was In … Plan

Jorginho joked that he was a penalty kick that declared in the Euro 2020 final with him, completely in the plan because he knew that Donnarumma would 'rescue' then.0: 00/1: 39 namjorginho domain continues to be coach Mancini and his teammate trusted, delivered the fruits of 11m decision - the fifth round, as he did in the match against Spain to bring Italy into the end of Euro 2020.JORGinho burst into tears when Donnarumma saved him from bad feeling , bringing Italy to the European championship, this time the Chelsea midfielder did not win Pickford goalkeeper, pushing the circulating series stressed to the top. Jay for Jorginho and Italy is in the turn of England, Saka has also Donnarumma stopped by Donnarumma, bringing the Tianhan shirt to the throne with the 3-2 penalty victory (1-1 in 120 minutes). People have seen Jorginho sobbing on the field because Donnarumma was excellent 'Rescue', otherwise Chelsea midfielder will be very beautiful and regretful

. With winning a large trophy of the big title: Championship C1 Cup with Chelsea and uncomfortable EURO 2020 with Italy, Jorginho is being considered a significant candidate for the 2021 Golden Ball title, though knowing that Messi dominates.Donnarumma blocks the 11m of Sakatrong for the whole country Italy celebrates the title The second European enemy in history, Jorginho was excited to "slash the wind 'with SportTV about the broken Pen that:" All was planned! I know that Donnarumma will save it (Saka's stone). "However, then he returned with sharing:" I always offer all what I have for the team, but unfortunately, sometimes It was not enough
I have a penalty shrink, and for that moment, the whole world collapses around me, because I want to bring the team to win my country. Fortunately, we have 'the phenomenon' Gigi Donnarumma in the goal has saved me! "L.w

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