Journey From A Particular Student To Thanh Dat Business Owner

Nguyen Minh Trung, born in 1995, QUANG NINH is a alumni of Banking Academy, Banking Faculty, a successful start with a job at first hearing about very simple: Selling sim numbers.0: 00/4: 09Nhu Nu Southern region is also a student, I am a particular student, always underdeveloped, always getting criticism from teachers, families and relatives. Most memorable is when I study level 2, is a poor student, addicted to the game in the classroom with good performance. Moreover, I have a mother who is a teacher in the school, the colleague with her mother has children who are classmates with themselves, so it is often comparable. I myself are the worst among friends

. Learn less subjects, only playing games, so I always get the look of teachers' eyes and everyone. My mother is sad, crying and frustrated about her son, so I have been scolding myself. Level 3 is disappointed by my father
I still have that disability, game addiction and do not study, with me to study as a deal. Each parent meeting is always most reminded by the homeroom teacher. I myself know the embarrassment but still mesmerize the game. Hey Mr. Nguyen TrungSau I understand what doesn't try to have no good results. I took the college slide, and also the time I realized that the future was blind, gray, and sunk game to do. Frustrated and realized that she fell into a game that couldn't bring benefits, she had a miserable parents for many years. "Is this my life really want to live?" That question came to the group to be known as a desire - longing for proven herself, with a region to respond to the compressed pulses. So I was determined to retake and enter the college. The first year entered the University he started looking for more jobs with sim card deals, and attached to the business until college graduated from college
Graduated from graduation, I want to experience the work related to my specialization, but applying for a job in a non-payable bank is not received. I feel very helpless with my life, but this time I will try to make sure I don't give up, I continue to learn about the number of sim cards with the amount saved in the past time to invest. Journey to start a business, have to do it, have to be tested, to think, crush, learn about the business right from the number 0 without trained, there is no salary to cover life. Fortunately, the other capital has helped me to share the burden in the unique working time, there were times, his income was just a round 0, there were many young people who started themselves With this profession and give up. But it is also fortunate that I saw the mirrors into the profession of making the lighthouse, plus if he left himself will be unemployed and no one would like to do it and pursue despite, even The deadlock moments, want to surrender and give up ... but then trying to do during that time brought the results. When I gradually understand what the game of business is, I am likely to think with ideas, I have found a way for myself to get a place in the SIM market today. And bringing the achievements that are not based on certificates or titles that by practical values they bring to themselves and the market. It is a lot of buying and selling deals for hundreds of millions, valuable contracts that help themselves on passive sources of income, and then we need to work hard, thereby have good income and stability. Without stopping there, the ambition is growing as he still wants to rise to a higher level, so he risks to find new directions, to grow more and more. Exactly is passionate about work - what makes me successful as today to become a business owner of sim card number. And then today to meet your friends are the most successful people, those who have devoted for I despise them to give ourselves respect. That's exactly my journey from the game addicts, college sliding exams ... Unemployed, but even for trying to do not pay if they don't pay. Now I have been more successful than how many friends have excellent and good achievements in the old days because thanks to the effort to change, create their people with successes going up from their own efforts. Now parents are happy and proud of their children who are more than studying their own themselves and promoting their strengths to develop a sustainable business career. Good things will be positive, I will receive a lot of values when you work with your best. And now I want to become a beneficial living person for society, a strong development company to create jobs for many young people. Nguyen Minh Trung.

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