Journey From Artisans Closing Shoes To Contemporary Artists Of Hom Nguyen Artist

As a self-study artist with instinctive art style, Hom Nguyen is known for the portrait paintings to capture human diverse emotions, from happiness to desperate.Hom Nguyen, born in 1972 in Paris , is a self-study artist with a very instinctive art style. His forte is a portrait painting, grasping human diverse emotions, from happiness to despair. He encapsulates the nature of every look, every eye inside the canvas drawing frame through soft drawings and the painted lines of Knitting shoes in ParisTinh in Paris at the beginning of the 1970s, in a family Lao Pure dynamic, Hom Nguyen lives with her mother at a large apartment with 13 square meters. His mother - Mrs

. Lan - is a closed Vietnamese woman and does not know French, daily working on a hair salon. When the two-year-old Hom Nguyen boy, the calamist hit the small family, his mother had a car accident on the highway when he worked home, making her completely paralyzed. Hom Nguyen's childhood must be mature before his age, while wrapping his mother and nervously managed to have a long time in a strange country
His world suddenly revolves around the doctor, the playground is a hospital and friends who are patients around. Hom Nguyen's attendance has experienced a difficult childhood but it has created him a art style In instinct as today. From 8 years old, Hom Nguyen boy liked drawing doodles of faces and landscapes with a pencil on the notebook, corner of the table, paper towels ... However, because of the responsibility Living he had to live with a more realistic job that was shoe and selling shoes. "At that time, life was not easy. I am doing the job selling shoes on the Rue des Canettes road in Paris. One day, there was a guy who showed me that you can dye shoes with different colors, and I instantly became a patina artist. A boy shoe! " Hom said mischievously
Although I soon expressed my ability to draw since childhood, however, the responsibility of life made him slow into the art world. Only in 2009, art began to occupy his life and mind as a big need to express his feelings when his mother died. Hom decided to create a personal career as a leather artist Patina, which was also the first experience to bring him back to the world of color. Patina's patient - bring colors on the shoes to have the money Yes, Hom Nguyen went to Tokyo to learn from tattoo masters in Shibuya, observing the world and developing their own techniques. When returning to France, Hom Nguyen applies those knowledge and focuses on patina techniques, colors and materials. "Everything started smoothly, I started earning some money and made shoes placed separately. It became a fashion, from Stan Smiths shoes to Berluti ... "Hom Nguyen used to be a famous patina in collaborating with many famous brands Berluti brands, originally less friendly attitude Hom, later, agreed to meet artists and make a decision to cooperate with him. When homosexils show their drawings and photos of their works, they told him: "You are a true artist, a Patina artist, he will go far, in a completely different world ... "Pouring into the big format portrait of her mother's departure always reminds you of the unfinished artistic dream and that emotional flow has stimulated home to move to a wider workshop in Bagnolet, to focus on Large format portraits. He considered standing in front of Canvas fabric was a war with his inner mind. What gets after this confrontation is the smooth face lines, the depth of the eyes and the spelling of the properly special Thai gods. He began drawing a lot of portraits of celebrities, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charlie Chaplin or even Joeystarr under his drawing that revealed emotions, very large perspectives that have not been known. As if they suddenly discovered the mysteries that were hidden deep in their own souls, Chalie Chaplin's portrait was drawn by Homdang gradually, his works known by the world through many art exhibitions International contemporary as "Dark Side", "TRAJECTOIRE" ... at A2Z Gallery Paris, Personal Exhibition in Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong ... in Contemporary Art Paris Art Fair Art Exhibition in 2016 at Grand Palais , French President At that time, François Hollande came to attend and appreciated Hom's works. Do not trained themselves, Hom Nguyen rejected all his creative complianceism. The self-study painter affirmed that he did not draw to please anyone but the result of spiritual projection.Michelle Obama - Female symbol through Creative by Hom Nguyen in 2019, in one development The name is called "Togeth'her" cooperation between the Museum of Monnae de Paris and Vogue Paris magazine, Hom Nguyen drew a portrait of Michele Obama to induct him

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