Journey To Do Businessman Of A Farmer

Huỳnh Quang Vinh, former General Director of the Mekong Delta in the export of vegetables - fruits - fruits, disappears from the market throughout the three years of 2010: 00/5: 49 NAMBA year, since He failed in the financial game of an equitized business. Vinh unexpectedly returned, in the right of the day he was with the shareholders' meeting of the company and his family contributed to building from the first days of "giving the edge" .Vinh said, very compact: "I learned After the lesson about the market, and today I graduate, come back to start the journey to do an entrepreneur of a farmer. " That afternoon, Vinh received the general director of a company that was present in the stock market, the multidisciplinary investment capital was wanting to expand into the agricultural sector. The new generation of the first generation was when the Academy Mekong based in Thailand opened a short-term training for those they chose to be the "Farmer Leader"

. Vinh at that time was the Deputy General Director, who was the son of the "Captain" of Huynh Quang to be honored at the "Best Entrepreneurship" award for Global Auditing Company e

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