Journey To Find The Smile Of The Girl Without Teeth, No Congenital Hair

With a rare disease, Ngoc Hanh met some difficulties in life but still found themselves lucky because there are families adjacent to the side.0: 00/5: 08 Southern regions over the past 20 years, Nguyen Ngoc Hanh (born in 1993, Hanoi) There is a simple dream: laughing, saying naturally like many other people. Was a rare disease - Infection syndrome - causing headless hair, no teeth, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows Eyelashes are not developed. It is a fun and optimistic girl, Hanh does not allow that to affect too much to life. "Everyone wants to be born with a healthy, healthy body

. Although not so, I always feel lucky and grateful for my parents on the side, with myself 'Going to find a smile' for the past 27 years, "Hanh said to Zing. Girl without teeth when she was young, stories Eating has never been easy with happiness. She only edible soft cookware, puree, must chew by beneficial or try to swallow
Grade 4, the lower jaw grows 2 teeth, happy, what also demands her parents to eat but have to cut small, much When it is impossible to chewfully. Hanh Hanh has a rare disease, causing teeth, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes without developing. There are 2 children but only prances with strange illnesses, their parents love more. Listening to your child in the class was teased to be "affected Agent Orange", "deformed", Dad almond swallowing tears inside, saying "Mother of the flu when pregnant when pregnant". This is the reason why I don't teeth, no hair. Difficult circumstances, my father tried to turn around to bring daughter to many big hospitals and small hospitals to examine the dentist. However, this time to another time, The answer to two dad children received is only "non-teeth", "not teething" or "Waiting for 25 years of age to develop newly intervene". Year 10, father to take her dreads Removable. This is not feasible because the fake function does not have a grip, often falls out and makes it impossible to talk. Don't give up and actively seek yourself when grown up
From the age of 22, she filed a record of participating in many programs to change the appearance, but fortunately fortunately to call her name. Thank you for a job but don't get it because of the appearance, Hanh falls into despair. She thought she should give up the hope of "teeth". "From a young age, I lived in society, happy, not shroud so it wasn't too sad. Although I don't have teeth, I still like to talk, communicate with everyone. After many attempts, I would like to do it at the cafe, then sell souvenirs. That's when the turning point came to her life, "she remembered. Jobs looking for a smile of 6/2020, when friends kept sending pictures of people without teeth, no hair live around the world She first tried to find out about the disease I had. Wake up all night, Hanh typing looking for "teeth and hair syndrome, no hair" saw the article about a sick guy like herself in Dong Nai. Knowing that person was Vo Van Nhan, director of Nhan Tam Dental Center in Ho Chi Minh City, making teeth succeeded, she was happy to be wise, feeling rays of hope. I immediately got up, crying and just writing an email please be helped by a doctor. After many exchanges by mail, she moved when she was agreed to make free teeth. Help before going to the surgery table. Finally in June 2020, Hanh flies into Ho Chi Minh City for the first visit. From day 4 -6/11, the 28-year-old girl was conducted surgery to transplant screw positioning, bone transplantation, implant implant cheekbones ... the next phase, she was grafted gums, nearly 10 surgeries "pain" Going to live again, "Hanh said she was waiting to recover to get a fixed teeth. Because her disease, the journey" Looking for a smile "can last longer than planned." After years of waiting, I just need another step to reach the dream. As soon as we have a new teeth, I will show off to everyone because they are always looking forward to seeing their smiles. I will also take many photos and don't hide the face after the mask. In particular, I will go to 'eat the whole world', chew well the delicacies, "Hanh share. Early this year, when invited to record on television, almonds are doctors for teeth Temporarily in a few days. It was also the first time she was found himself in the most complete form. "Wearing a temporary teeth, I didn't dare to believe I was. Looking back on the picture day ago, I burst into tears, and laughed again because it was so fun and happy, "Hanh remembers. Learn how to find himself like" molting "when wearing a temporary teeth. Mother's mother is the biggest motivation in the village Dao Nhat Tan, her father grained white apricot, mother selling fresh flowers at Quang An market. Although she spread to life, two people are always closely followed, caring for a small sister from small. With Hanh, my parents are the biggest motivation in the journey "Looking for smile". Into Ho Chi Minh City Visit Ho Chi Minh City Faculty, alive alone because I don't want people to worry. When she had to conduct the Great Surgery, his parents decided to go along because of afraid of the daughter, wanting to be in the spirit. "Before I entered the operating room, my parents didn't show anything. After waking up, I heard the nurses told that my mother cried for a long time, and she leaned on the door because of worrying. I was born not complete but luckily had parents l

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