Journey To The Happy Girl’s Saw 1 Leg

Being a leg from baby from the complications of the glass bone disease, but the girl had a journey that surpassed the fate that Must Make Human Response.0: 00/3: 24 namsinh domain out in a family made Agricultural in the poor countryside in Thuy Noi village, Yen Luong commune, Y Yen district (Nam Dinh), Trinh Thi Lien girl (SN 1990) is not as lucky like many other children, suffering from physical pain Mental due to glass bone disease. Lien weak, daily interseeing travel on wooden crutches, at that time, all activities must depend on their parents and brothers and sisters. It also loves to go to school, but the disease causes her to leave school regularly And to class 4, it must take a break. Not stopped there, in 2015, one side of the feet of the necrosis was necrotic, the doctor told him to cut his feet, then the interoperily fell in a round and no longer forgive with this life

. But Trinh Thi Lien still tried to rise. The ultimate pain in the body and spirit, but on the road she was not alone by the durable, unconditional companion of loved ones Message from deep in small people has helped to overcome the limits of herself. There are many events in life but Lien has strongly stood up to prove to everyone that he could do
Conjugation to find a certain job to be able to cultivate himself. She would like to learn a vocational art carved, a job that seemed to be only for strong healthy hands, eventually suffered in front of the girl with strong spirit. Negative feelings before This has dissolved it all, the inter-work time in the job, Lien is very proud of the products created by their own hands. Happiness smiling when a husband loves all ink. Ants and intersections to build a new life of their own. She wanted to show everyone to find himself "but not", things that others could do, she could do it. But the effort to strive to rise has helped to become a happy woman. Social network, Lien has been familiar with Pham Van Chung, a young man with a welding commune. Two people often talk, chat, love and love each other. And now Mr
Chung is the husband, a solid shoulder for Lien. Chung said, whether a person with a defect of the body, but the interopers are always optimistic in love, strong in life. Not only that there are uncompromising, very delicious cooking, very cleverly behaved between the mother-in-law of the bride and their relatives. And the fun, optimistic of the inter-energy told him to work more enthusiastically, decide to build a happy kettle together. The belief has helped to overcome the challenge of fate and faith Help her believe in love and faith to help her believe in a brighter life. With effort, strong will, Lien has surpassed the fate to fulfill its dreams, ambitions and inspiration, energy for people with disabilities, helping them have faith in life. Tan Hiep Phat Group sent to Lien in the program. In the age of 30, the same husband is looking forward to fulfilling the dream of opening a free wood carving vocational class for people with disabilities, contributing to them to rise, live Inclusion with the community. In the Program connecting the Leave Broadcast on VTV1 Lien channel has received an extremely meaningful gift from Dr Thanh Thermal Tea brand in Tan Hiep Phat Group, along with wishes Early to fulfill your wishes, devoted to more, doing more meaning for the people with disabilities. The unit accompanies the program from the first days, through 21 broadcasts, sister Tran Uyen Phuong - Deputy General Director of Tan Hiep Phat Group shared: "I feel a very powerful energy source from each character in the chapter Split all love. Although each person has different circumstances, when facing the events, difficulties in life, you always have faith and love my life, as well as inspiring me and everyone. Hopefully, Tan Hiep Phat's gift will be a recognition and help you more in life "./. CTV Chung Hieu /

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