Joy – What Is The New Generation ‘sexy Goddess’?

Red Velvet Group Member - Joy makes many people admire when owning a net assets of up to 5 million USD at the age of 24.0: 00/1: 57 NAMJOY domain known as the richest member of Red Velvet. Recently, Red Velvet is a group that receives a lot of attention from the audience while running back on August 16 to the mini album "Queendom", after a year and a half of the ball.Joy is known He possesses impressive height and the most beautiful body group. The new generation "sexy goddess" many times took the top of Naver with sexy charm with charming females on his stage

. In addition, she was highly appreciated by the audience with a sympathetic voice, easily "addictive". Thousand of the eyes of the "sexy goddess" of the new generation. The role is a member of Red Velvet, Joy is one Solo artist successfully
In addition, the idol female also caught attention when encroaching on acting and participating in many ads for cult brands. According to Biowikis, Joy owns a net asset value of up to 5 million USD. This figure "terrible" helps Joy overcome Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Yeri to become the richest member of the group.Theo, to accumulate the net asset value of 5 million USD at age 24, stars Female has exciting activities. Not only encroaching on-yard in movies like: "The Liar and His Lover" (liars and lover), "The Great Seducer" (Love game) ..., SM home idol also receives much The feelings of the audience when playing the role of "half-wife" with Yook Sungjae (BTOB) in the program "We got Married". Now, Joy is noticed when he debuted solo with a "hello" album with the same name song. As soon as he released, the song "Hello" was at the top of iTunes's top album rankings in 26 countries
Other songs in the Mini Album are also named on the Gaon digital rankings. Particularly JOY also made a number 1 on Melon's solo artist rankings. This 4 years, she confirmed to join JTBC's new drama with the title "Only One Person". The work marked the return time of female Idol House SM after 3 years is extremely waiting for the audience, especially in her acting ability after the criticism "tattered" because "beautiful but actors ".

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