Judge: Launching His Father-in-law

I am a police officer, Thao as a preschool teacher, both working in the city. We used to love each other in a humanitarian blood donation. Although his hometown is not far away, he loves each other, I have not visited their parents with me. Launching parents. You, our love is coming to the fruit, but there is a prayer or no critical problem is still in my father's debut

. Let me prepare my spirit and talk about Dad's love. That father was this person, who was like that, and finally summarized a sentence "different father!" I gave all this assumption to another assumption. Then each hypothesis has a resolution plan
However, it's like tangling like chives. Finally I copied my mouth, "Let's go anywhere or there, depending on the body to turn ..." Thao took me back, bordering her face, I flange: - I greet you. I think I will be happy to welcome, who is shy , Dad shocked her face, narrowed her eyes and tried to trade: - I'm not dare ... I'm shocked, Lam always in a state of embarrassment: - Yes .
. I ... I said I didn't dare. Cried, I fought: - Yes ... I didn't dare but ... but I ... I kept hello. Thao smiled, quickly helped me from embarrassing: - Dad, this is a friend of a friend. : - Yes, I know, inviting you to go to the house. The first time pushes me into confidence. I have to slow down, breathe deeply to breathe a strong one. The dadshort spread his hand to the chair: - Invite him to sit.The father still stands, I stabbed afraid, then said: - Delude to sit in front of me. A lot of drafts, lips: - I only draw. The water was finished, creeched sitting next to her father. Quiet moment, Ladshier looked at me asked: - Hearing my daughter told you to be a police, then where do you in the army? I'm proud, reply strongly: Thao Thao: - SBC ... well. Every day he put his forces in his SBC team to help my commune one session. I started to think "Need in the countryside of this peaceful countryside need to go to SBC?" Look at me anymore, the father of the peak: - It's not this unknown mouse, but it is too much, they undermine the rice outside the copper, vandalism, fruits in the garden ... very damage. Lifestor to see two hands, I almost laugh, sew Okay. Dadshea raised the cup of tea on his mouth, drinking it for an hour, then started him asking for a while about my family's situation. Like his parents how old are your parents? What do your parents do? Do you have some brothers? How did the family economy ... have the sentence I answer right away, there are also the sentence I hesitate to hesitate a little bit. I notice every time I finished answering, he reflected and nodded like agreement. After the interview moved to the chat section, it was all kinds of time, which was the time in and out of the country, which was the sports news of society culture ... etc. are exciting, suddenly Ladshen looked straight into the eyes I then asked: - Do you really love the discussion? - His heart! - Did you decide to build a family with it? - Destressed. I nat nodded, pensive anymore, continuing: - I decided to take such a draft, I considered me my father? - Yes, I.- So now I put this assumption like this. He moved from SBC to traffic police. He is on a duty at an intersection. Incidentally I ride and accidentally crossed the red light. He whistled, I stopped, leaving the glass of glasses, leaving the mask and he realized he wife! Around there are many curious people standing watching, someone took the phone to shoot, turn. In this situation, how do you handle? Oh my god! The assumption of his father-in-law, sweating his mother sweat on my face to roar. Right to the Thao also ran her eyes in surprise. The warning of the draft on "different father" was shown in a specific comedy. QUA BREAK, I calmed down, took a deep breath, breathing a strong one. Thinking for a sudden arising behavior immediately came in the head. I know this relate's test is a decisive blow. I took a calm down and leisurely: - Daddy, I am on duty and dad committing to violate the Law on Road Traffic. Based on what X, Dad will be punished, inviting the father to sign a violation record. I spoke coldly, hardly a little feeling. The face of the Father's face from the brightness to start gradually transfer to the ear Rebellious, gray. Attached that the whole body shook, the hands grabbing the edge of the table, the eyes of the roof ... his father's mouth stammered, seemed to be a saying ... "to his father, he did not remember ..." Wait for the state of I came to the peak of me, whispering: -Buttle ... but this fine will submit it to my father.- Huh! - Just in a snooker, my father's expression returned to Hong Hao, it seemed that she was still smiling. After a very exciting handle, I ratified: - I told my father.

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