July, More Than 1,000 Network Attack Incidents Via Fraud

According to information from the Information Security Bureau, the Ministry of Information and Communications, in July, 2021 occurred 1,019 network attack incidents 09: 00/2: 54 Southern Southern Rechargeable Web site of the Ministry of Health To fraud. In 7 months of 2021 there were more than 3,900 network attacks that caused incidents to the network information system in Vietnam. National Space Safety Monitoring Center (NCSC) in the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) statistics, from July 26 to August 8 (2 weeks), with up to 106 ideas Ants reflect on cases of cheating users on Vietnamese cyberspace. The phishing content involves the fake software system of the software system including the email server and the Zimbra client, the Westernunion International Money Transfer System, Hanoi Food Safety Company; appears Fake Banking Websites (BIDV, Sacombank, Vietcombank); Information please subsidize vaccine vaccine room Covid-19. Phishing confirms bank accounts, online recruitment trick money

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At the same time, the National Network Safety Monitoring Center warns the form of fraud related to Covid-19 Including: Forging government civil servants; selling non-transparent medical products; steal personal data; forging calling for charity support; Marketing products and fraud services. The fraud attacks use old techniques but take advantage of the content and information shown in a new way, especially the information related to the Covid-19 epidemic situation to be wild, lost people Warning and susceptible to deceiving. Ly award for the number of network attack incidents increased, especially to install malicious code and offensive attacks, network security experts shared, when many localities apply remedies The above society in Directive 16 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister, the number of Internet users and the time to use social networks simultaneously increases. Taking advantage of the interest of the whole society for the situation of Covid-19 epidemic, bad objects continue to strengthen network attacks, spread, infect malicious code, fraud to appropriate, destroy the information of Users and organizations. Information security information has continuously warned, recommends Internet users, social networks in Vietnam to enhance vigilance, take measures to ensure safety to protect themselves and protect themselves and protect themselves Relatives in front of online frauds are increasingly sophisticated. Users need to actively grasp tips to avoid online fraud related to Covid-19 disease such as only updating new information on the situation of Covid-19 epidemic through orthodox sources; Beware of the approach of frauds like via email, messages, calls automatically; Install 2-layer security authentication with accounts ... In addition, people need to actively send information of the website with signs of fraud on the official address of the Network Safety Monitoring Center (HTTPS : //canhbao.ncsc

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