June Lunar Calendar, 4 Borders Are Harmful To Be Dissolved

As predicted that June lunar calendar, the 4 adjacent to a substitute susceptible to substitute in affectionate, career led to the identity, the money loss of carrying. Predict in June lunar month for 12 armor, age Ty is easy to meet your employee at work. In the process of work, competition, the armor may have collided with colleagues, causing the sub-person to bring resentment, waiting for the revenge on the entity to avenge the armor, ready to launch rumors or find How to destroy your work. To avoid limited limit, the armor tries to do a few words, avoid conflicting, treating everyone well. At the same time, try to be careful in everything, backing up the book carefully, good security

... Therefore, the elevation of the intervention can still be avoided
This month of Rooster occurs on affection. The armor can be entangled in a one-night love story, more dangerous than love. In any case, the opponent will also use affection to make it easy for the age of Rooster, affecting the fortune, even the effort Karma. Because surely the love affairs will cause the town, which is not good for the armor. So in June lunar calendar, the age of Rooster should pay more attention in affection, avoid rushing, outbreaks leads to these difficult circumstance. If you want to go to relationship with someone, take the time to learn carefully, instead of hastily rushing in blindly. The smell will have the opportunity to go to advancement in June lunar calendar, this is this main Also drag the sub-limited limit, when there are always a one who saw the way to undermine the armor to take the opportunity. To scrape the opportunity to work with the age of smell, the bad guys are ready to release rumors, say things that are not right about the old smell With leadership, in order to conflict, divide. So in everything, the age of the smell tries to be directly exposed to the superior, to avoid the triangle star, not to mention the people alternating between vandalism. The essence of the old smell is a gentle, or helping others
Sometimes love, often loved by friends, help and create opportunities to do business and trade. However, the armor doesn't think too much in all. Always remember that there are good people, there will also be bad people who want to take advantage of you to benefit. Request for the age of dumping of easy business opportunities with huge profits. Multi-pure age only thinks that good friends help themselves without knowing once rushing into investment, only money loss, losing you. So, the armor is always awake. The best in June lunar calendar, the armor only makes money directly by its labor, limiting investment, or carefully studying before involving money (* information is only contempised, Views of fun) .minh an (according to sn)

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