Jungkook Bts Ranked Next To Prince Harry As The World’s Most Influential Person

Jungkook of the BTS group reached the list of the most influential people in the world of brand strength, alongside the Harry Prince husband. The Economic Times Brand Equity page recently provided the list of the most influential people in the world In terms of brand strength and the approval of brands. This book includes many cultivators such as prince Harry - Meghan Markle, Elon Musk - CEO Tesla, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Notably, Jungkook of BTS is the youngest idol on this list.Jungkook (BTS) stood next to the names of the world "is one of the most hunted Kpop superstars, Jungkook is definitely one In the most influential celebrities to brands

. The popularity of his influence on brands has surprised everyone and puts Jungkook next to the world's most influential characters, "Economic Times introduced Jungkook. Also Economic Times also introduced Jungkook on both electronic newspapers. The reason for the brand power of male idols has increased sales of a brand of tea to 5 times, in When he only accidentally promoted
Teazen brand was famous after Jungkook toned Teazen's Kombucha during his Livestream. It quickly helped this brand "burning goods", revenue of three times and reached out Global market. At the same time, win the 'Brand Award of 2021 ". Then, side T Huong Brand thanked Jungkook by donating it in the name of Mr.Jungkook only inadvertently drinking tea on the Livestream waves also made the brand brand "fire" under Allkpop, the impact of jungkook for the brands Huge onions. Many small brands have penetrated the global market and can expand the store chain thanks to the "terrible" revenue and the brand's strength of Jungkook. Even, he is also known as "King of Sold Out" (Mr. King burning goods). Jungkook used to wear a brand shirt of Louis Vuitton in an interview. Although the shirt priced was not cheap 2,850 USD (about 65
6 million VND), it was now "burned up" on the official web system of LV. Only wear a shirt in the exchange, Jungkook also shows His brand strength when making the shirt "fire" even so, talking about its brand impact and strength in helping small businesses to develop, male idols of BTS always show the humility of I am. "Many restaurants are not good and present, many shops closed on the market. Therefore, if I have an impact on even one person, it is worthwhile. Sometimes, the people I have affected also to donate to other people ", he confided.

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