Just Add 20 Seconds, Blonde Stir-fried Spinach

Leaving morning spinach is always crispy green without a simple turn to the 9: 00/2: 08 namrau nam Muong is a familiar vegetable, a lot of love, choosing to eat all year round. Spinge spinach contains lots of fiber and vitamins very well for health, eating a lot of weight gain. Morning glory can be boiled, stir-fried, eat, make mannequin, cook soup, pickles ..

. which dish also has its own attractive flavor. In the cold days, the stir-fried spinach is the optimal choice of everyone. However, many people wonder why how many years, but they cannot crispy, green as well
The chef tips, when fried with spinach, don't give it right into the pan and need another step, so what is the step, please refer to: Prepare: - Morning spinach, garlic cloves, salt, cooking oil or lard or wedge (arbitrary), how to do: when buying spinach should choose a moderate, thick, big bang, stir-fry and crunchy vegetables. You can check if the spinach is delicious by using a nail to press the bangs of the spinach, if you see soft and crunchy, fresh vegetables, if you see hard and tough, you can prove old or wilted vegetables, please give up let's go. Pick up old leaves and original parts. If the long top can be interrupted. The spinach is washed so clean and drain. For the appropriate amount of water in the pot, after boiling fire, then a little cooking oil and salt, then give the spinach into blanching in 20 Seconds then take it out right away and put it in the cold water basin. Vegetables help vegetables hold green. Adding cooking oil and salt into the water so that green and green vegetables are smooth, the more beautiful. After removing it right into cold water pots for fast and cold vegetables, avoiding the heat of vegetables still making vegetables fast, making crispy vegetables more delicious. Falling the amount of oil adapted to the pan, heated and garlic Smallly stir-fried with fried fractions for spinach into frying quickly, tasting salt and tasting or adding seasoning powder if they like
Island Add a tiny and turn off the kitchen, give vegetables right away. When stir-fried need to fire to fire big, island quickly for delicious crispy vegetables. crispy. In addition, vegetation reduces time to reduce vegetables, avoiding vegetables with heat with heat, causing vegetables to be yellow. - When stir-fried vegetables need to fire big, fry quickly and quickly and crunchy with little green. Cong! Lam Anh

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