Just Bought Mercedes-benz E300 Amg, The Owner Of Saigon ‘flying’ Immediately 200 Million

Launched the Vietnamese market at the end of March 3/2021, so far Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2021 new facelift upgraded version has been on the old car market. This is the first E300 AMG 2021 on the old floor in Vietnam. Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG 2021 is the most advanced version of the 3 versions of the new E-Class Facelift version (E180, E200 Exclusive and E300 AMG). With the listed price of 2.95 billion dong, to roll the E300 AMG 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City area, the buyer will spend about 3

.3 billion VND including costs such as registration fees and material insurance. To save part of the car purchase cost, select the "surf" car is a hint. For example, the Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG 2021 is offered to sell VND 3,099 billion with ODO about 2,000km
If compared to the price "beating the box" and rolling new wheels, selecting the E300 AMG 2021 Surfing will help buyers save about 200 million VND to the cost of rolling. Unknown reason why the car owner quickly resells E300 2021 new, in addition to personal reasons, can car owners have other options better as upgraded to the S-Class line. The E300 AMG 2021 version owns an attractive exterior in a sports design style thanks to the AMG line package for exterior. Furniture comes with many equipment such as MBUX infotainment system with 12.3-inch touch screen pairs, driving and entertainment support. Sports 3-spoke steering wheels, Nappa leather front seats, Seamless Audio uses Burmester speakers, equipped with a 64-color decorative interior lamp, regulating 3 independent areas, 2 sunrises, inhaled doors ... Model to Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG 2021 Using 4cyl motor, capacity 2.0 L boosted for a maximum capacity of 258 horsepower and maximum torque of 370nm
Strong is transmitted to the following bridge (RWD), through a 9-speed automatic transmission (9AT). As the most advanced version of the 3 distributed versions, the E300 carries more powerful capacity than E 200 (2.0L 197 horsepower turbocharged) or E 180 (1.5L turbocharged ~ 156 horsepower). Versions such as E180 or E200 Exclusive, the E300 AMG version of the Sports Navigation is usually purchased by a lot of customers more than sitting in the boss position. Besides, the selling price of 2.95 billion Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG 2021 is more accessible than the BMW 530i M Sport import (VND 3,289 billion). Liability, thanks to the assembly advantage, the price of the whole line E-Class is still more "pleasant" than imports like Lexus ES (VND 2,540 - 3,040 billion) or BMW 5 Series (VND 2,499 - 3,289 billion). The majority of car buyers often choose "beat the box" new car, but many customers come to the "surf" cars to save costs. Hope this is a suggestion for you who are interested in E-Class 2021 to save hundreds of millions of cake costs.Video: Review Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG 2021 in Vietnam. Nguyen Bac

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