Just Divorced Her Husband, His Close Friend Called, Huh Said A Sentence That Made Me Regret

I thought my husband's divorce was liberating. Anyone who doubt, only after a friend's sentence, I regret it extremely. I and my husband officially divorced after more than a year of life. The reason is only because of his close friend, Kieu's name. Call friends but look at the two as spouses, and I'm an excess

. Going to eat, my husband will pick up your friend's food first, then go to me. I got angry, I told me I was selfish, calculated with my triumphant friend for 20 years. Kieu Kieu kissed her husband, my husband was with her for several days just for fear she thought
And I, I definitely I am your wife, I have to use it for all your friends relationships. I am so beautiful, crying with my parents. They call up my husband. He poured up against me. Having time for more than 2 months, we didn't look at each other, didn't talk or sleep together. Love so that the rift was greater than no longer, I decided to divorce her husband. I thought to do that to freed both, so I didn't have to hurt when I saw him excessively interested in Kieu. When I gave divorce, my husband didn't sign. He also felt me the opportunity to change because he still loved me. But I lost confidence, so I didn't agree
Only for getting angry, jealous, I pushed her husband to another woman's hand. (Artwork) Because a new house is built, her parents haven't been to the land name so when I divorced, I was only covered by her husband to offset 200 million, the entire amount he could borrow. But the money I spent building houses, buying furniture more than 500 million. At that time, because of anger, because of the breasts, I accepted to hold 200 million, filing a divorce and leaving the new house to build less than 5 months. Thank you. Thanks to me, she officially stepped into the house. Thanks to me, my child has a father. Ah, adding, before her husband and her are very clear. But because I'm determined to divorce so you It was also "up to bed" with her. "I heard that was dizzy and regret together. Just for getting angry, jealous, I pushed her husband into another woman's hand. Moreover, I regret the house and the amount of money I spent. Now I have to do it to regain things that belong to myself: "Old husband and house" here? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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