Just Do These Movements In 5 Minutes Of Ancient And Chin Wrinkles Will Fly All

Want to remove wrinkles in the neck and 'fly' chin chin. What are you hesitant without rehearing the movements below? 0: 00/1: 50 nam1. Ancient wrinkle removal action 1: First, use a hot towel to wrap the neck, hot collar for 30 seconds for pores to open and help massage movements more effectively. Oil or massage oil on the neck and the front fingers. Without massage oil, you can start the direct massage, use a lightweight finger from top to the collarbone and massage 30 times from the bottom up to moisturize the entire neck area

. Doing 3: Hold your hand again Finger joints pressed on the neck, stroking from carrying the ear to the clapping cavity, massaging the clavicle twice, repeating the movement 30 times. Massage along the neck lymph nodes can help promote effective blood circulation. This movement can help prevent aging and wrinkles in the neck
Item 4: Use one hand to make the scissors, the remaining hand massage the neck position according to the circular motion. Each position is 20 times. Remember to make this move for both the left and neck! Mysmics should be gentle because the skin is very fragile. 5: Hold your mouth and tilt up to the neck to be stretched and repeat 20 times. This movement can also help neck, compact chin. Activity 6: Tilt the head of about 45 degrees, each with 20 times. IMPLEMENTATION 7: Grinner as if you are taking a picture, pulling the ancient muscles. Repeat the 20-fold movement. Only make movements on wrinkles on the neck will go without returning.2
The movement of "flying" chin necks does not need surgery you can still remove the chin by doing the movements as follows: First, you stand up and look forward. Stretching her chest and tilting her head forward and taking her hand to press on her chin, feeling the head and the fingers stretched it was right. Then slowly push inside to keep the balance between the neck, back and full body. Repeat the 5-fold movement. Learn Huyen - According to Sundaymore

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