Just Having Money Will Spend Buying Land, Female Teachers Earn More Than Ten Billion Thanks To Land Prices By More Than 100 Times

Retirement with total assets of more than VND 10 billion, the secret of female teachers is' keep money back to buy land'.0: 00/3: 31 southern southern reality is not a specialist investor Industry, but nearly 20 years go to money into real estate, Ms. TM (60 years old, retirement teachers) have never hole any case. In contrast, the plots of Ms. M

. M. bought increased at least doubled and as much as more than 100 times. "I really like the land so every money there is money, I save and borrow more to buy land," she said
Like 2002, she came down to buy a 150m2 land with a price of VND 23 million in the new urban area. "Fix months later, I remember having guests to pay me VND 28 million. At that time, the profit of 5 million dong was very big because gold only had 400,000 VND / 1 only. The amount I bought the land of the motorbike Dream Thai day, very valuable. My husband talks to the guest: "agree to sell" but when visitors come home, I decided to keep it. I am perspective: "Also keep there". By 2021 Hey, my land was 4.2 billion, ie more than 180 times compared to the purchase price at the time. I kept this land to give to the second son, "M.Chia
(Artwork ) In addition to the land purchased in 2002, Ms. M. also has a lot of other plots. "In 2007, on a visit to relative, I saw a family hanging in the sea for selling land nearly 200m2 along the road. In the pocket at the time, there were only VND 30 million, I still decided to ask. I looked at the piece Land for sale and thinks this position right next to the road. If the road is expanding and spreading the plastic, this land is definitely up. When asking, the land owner requires VND 190 million. Land owners have many wives and children Seeing me asked to buy, the whole family agreed to sell to divide money. I offered a reduction of 5 million, they agreed. That year, I bought the land only took 185 million dong. By 2018, I sold 4.9 Billion, an increase of more than 26 times. In 2017, I bought a land of 800 million dong on my hometown, the area was expanding. In 2019, the guests returned this land to VND 1.6 billion ", she m . Share. Land investment in the countryside, Ms. M. Did down the success of a plot in Hanoi. "In 2016, I bought the land of 60m2 in the lane for 1.8 billion dong. The land looks very beautiful, quiet residential area, walking about 300m to the lake. How many years, selling lots of small land In the countryside, I bought the land of Hanoi, back then, I was so excited. I think I'm in my hometown and bought the land in the middle of Hanoi. That year, to buy this land, I have to go through the broker and Going and forth 4 new turns to choose. 5 months ago, my land was paid 4.3 billion dong, however, I didn't want to sell it sorry. Come early November, another visit to pay 4, 8 billion, I agreed to transfer, "Ms. M. Share more. "At the same time, only 300 million dong, when I was 500 million, if anyone asked to be reasonable and then there was money I was involved. I often choose the land with cars to pass, square and buy. I haven't Ever put money into gold. How much do I go to buy land. Go tutoring, bonuses, the old days of raising and selling pigs, I went to buy land. I think I have a charm with the land so buy, sell There is a word again. Moreover, I sometimes loan banks should not be pressured. Buying land for long, it will definitely have words, unless sold early. May spend money into the ground, but I think you 30-year pellets are difficult to accumulate to 1 billion to worry about old age, "she M. share.

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