Just Keep These Habits To Protect Your Backs

Maybe you don't know these are the habits that make the backs filled with acne instances: 00/2: 25 male Huyen Huyen1. Use shower gel instead of acne cleanser with conventional shower without treating back acne. To "fly" back acne, you should use acne cleanser, apply cleanser on your back and the floating skin area. Do not use toners and do not exfoliate only using acne treatment cleanser is not enough. You should also treat acne with other leather applied products

. Back skin as well as facial skin, need to use toner and exfoliate die weekly. If you are afraid to dry your back skin, choose a lighter product. Leaving hair conditioners stick to the back of the discharge or hair masks can leave a membrane on the skin and clog the pores
You should relax the incubated hair and wear a shower hat when incubating your hair. Doing so your back or shoulders will not be stuck with oil. Also, you should avoid discharge of discharge and shower milk at the same time. When she washed her head, try bowing to the side so that the water and the conditioning oil fell straight to the floor instead of that on the body would avoid sticking to his back.4. Do not clean up all parts of the body carefully, sometimes we are difficult to clean up some parts of the body. Take a long sponge or melon fiber and use a stone to exfoliate and clean my back. Use only a towel to wipe your face and body if you are pneumatic for your own towels to clean your face and body. There may be some remaining bacteria and oils moving from one area to another, causing more pimples.6
Using body lotion is too thick and fragrant creams and canine can be fragrant, helps moisturize the skin. However, they should not use them to clean the back area. Fitness and fragrance can be clogged with pores, causing dermatitis, pimples.7. Wearing a combined fitness clothing too tightly to the tight-fitting sportswear, the gym pants hugging the butt and tightness can look sexy but clogs the pores, causing the pores. If possible, select the fabric fitness clothing softer, lighter.8. Do not change clothes or shower immediately after exercising this is the macixic, because the sweating accumulates on wet clothes, irritating and floating back pimples as well as fungal infections. So we should take a shower immediately after practicing. If you cannot bathe immediately, you can clean the person with a clean towel or use an odorless body cloth, and change the dry clothes before.9. Do not wash the bed sheet in many bedspreads can also cause the pimple back to those who like to sleep naked or wear back to sleep when going to bed. Best, wash bedspreads regularly. Learn Huyen - According to GirlStyle

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