Just ‘lam Battle’ 1-2 Minutes Of Fell, Her Husband Was Painfully Discovered A Terrible Secret To Hidden Wife For 6 Years

I thought that physiological weak only affects simple sexual activity, the husband has been worried about and six years later, he has lost his family happiness.0: 00/3: 13 southern national physiology Currently the secret of the wife after 6 years according to the male school doctors and gender medicine (Hanoi medical university hospital), patients who come to the examination for the physiological weakness, premature ejaculation have the same mind Ly frightened and tiny when visiting the medical examination. Patients only come here when they cannot save their own situation and it is a big mistake. Suy reduces sexual ability in men mainly due to daily lifestyle. (Artwork)

. New here, the doctors receive a 37-year-old male patient, a taxi driver. This man confided, about six years ago, he found himself illuminated when the average relationship was only 1 to 2 minutes to stop. Don't see what wife complained, so I thought everything was fine, normal
Therefore, he did not take a medical examination. This time, Hanoi is working on social ways to prevent epidemics, he at home with his wife more and has extremely painful when discovering the secret of the wife's sky. About 10 days ago, he accidentally Detecting wife's messages with a male colleague at 3am. When he was determined to come to the same incident, the wife had to confess "back and forth" with his colleagues for many years, since her husband was weak. Have bravely went to Nam Khoan doctor to share and ask for advice to improve sexual ability. "I don't think physiological problems are so important, I think only couple love each other is Enough, I doubt because I lost my family now. Doctor told me to help me, let me find another woman to be kind to me, "he confided to the doctor. Sexual decline is mainly due to the daily lifestyle of Nguyen Cao Thang, Faculty of School. Gender medicine, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said there are many reasons affecting men's sexual ability. The first person is due to more busy life, more stressful, posing pressure The force is very large to the psychology of young people, making them difficult to harmonize their work and family
This makes the rate of erectile dysfunction in young people rising. The second person is the rate of using stimulants, toxic substances such as tobacco and alcohol in young people increasing compared to before. Three is the state of using fast food, foods do not benefit health ... The fourth cause is too many young people use pornographic culture on the network, the Internet, masturbating too much, wrong way. In addition, men with medical diseases of urethritis, gland inflammation, sealing inflammation are also easy to make premature ejaculation occurring. To prevent the situation, BS Thang said, men need have a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, balance between needs and sexual ability, limited alcohol, smoking ... about early ejaculation cases for a long time as patient on, wear Although there are changes but still do not overcome markedly, proactively to the prestigious male medical facilities to be examined by a doctor and find out the cause.Whi is called weak physiology / premature ejaculation : - After a minute of ejaculation: called weak, it is premature ejaculation; - Less than 3 minutes: too short, it is difficult to satisfy the needs of both. - From 3 to 7 minutes: This is the average of A lot of people, during this time, the girlfriend was able to reach the top 2-3 times. - From 7 to 15 minutes: is the ideal time for any love in the world. With this time, both came to the top and reached orgasm, the ideal time for women to peaks 2-3 times.

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