Just Launched, The New Macbook Pro Controverses Harshly, From The ‘rabbit Ear’ To Charging Magsafe And The Touch Bar Is The Reason?

Many users don't regret to ... this MacBook Pro's MacBook.The right 0h on October 19 (Vietnam time), Apple held his next online event with unleashed

. As expected of many people, MacBook Pro has officially appeared. But unexpectedly this is a product that gets a lot of controversy.MacBook Pro, has configured with M1 Pro and M1 MAX chips, Mini LED screen with Promotion, HDMI port and SD card reader, charging with Magsafe 3, one The rabbit ear has a 1080p webcam, and the Touch Bar will no longer appear
Strange rabbit on the MacBook Protouch Bar disappears ... bringing "rabbit ears" to the MacBook screen getting no little opinion, much He said that this is an exceeding design from Apple to make the Macbook less than before. Besides, charging MagSafe is taken to the MacBook Pro is also quite unreasonable when the user takes an additional cable to be used to use this feature. Macbook Pro and Airpods are available in Nan-Nan-Nan Nan: Nan12 news Ms.Ipple launches MacBook Pro and New Airpods

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