Just Love Me Normally … That’s All!

The impart of moving impossible to utter the words and also at that time she understood that she and I all waited to be able to go to this life together. Later, hoping that it could always be able to live on normal days together. I wanted to the rain. The raining. The person

. The ball isolated. Through each other's life. sitting on the hot coffee cup, in a luxurious cafe, between urban edema
Outdoors are raining. It's a long time and soon felt that I felt lazy and there were moments standing still like this. Her life is like a lives of Saigon, no moment stopped. Every day, every hour is on with the company's important projects, burying themselves in the meeting, deadline. With Van, it's happiness of her life. Every morning when running to the company, she thought, her life gave her a job, so she was more than ten people in the world. Life will be like that is like that but just like The city occasionally has the days of "to the sky", Van is sometimes "deviating". These days, she turned off the phone, mixed in the strange crowd of a certain cafe sitting all day. Sitting there, but she didn't reflect. That's the way of Van
She just sat still, to be empty mind and to countless images through my eyes, not one remember. This phase, that situation is longer than normal. She lost sucking to the whole week and suddenly appeared with a unauthorized application that made it all amazed. "Naturally I feel urged to do something ...", she told Tuan in an afternoon Saigon rain. He is a close friend, the closest colleague of Van. He is also the one she always places the most important place in his heart but she never told you that. "I feel unable to continue like this anymore. I keep asking what I'm doing , who I am, what do I need, what do I want. "" And so I immediately left these things? How much effort has spent here. Really removed so easily ? ". Quietly. Silent. The touch of touches can not utter the words and it is at that time she understands that she and you all waited to be able to go to this life together. The image laughed loudly, turned to Tuan and said, "Yes". *** Just like that, a unexpected drive could not doubt. Van ran straight to Dak Lak, bought a piece of land and built a child's house, with all the money she had in nearly ten years of making her property in Saigon. The amount she even had too little time to spend it. Every half a year, it seems everything has gradually been stable. The house finished. The hill she bought also began to plant the vegetables she wanted. Today it starts to rain early. She sat in a writing desk. The table placed next to the window overlooking the vegetable garden is germinating. The girl's limbs of the year are now full of bottles. Straighten the luxurious clothes, branded high heels. Feeling this is the most pleasant life since birth that is now living. From the day here, Van still keeps the habit of taking notes every day in the morning and evening. Morning she wrote what she could do during the day. The evening is to record the emotions that have gone through that day. Writing with her is the way to chat with yourself the best. As a result, she knew what she wanted to do, what could I do and what made me happy. *** "Let's do something," Tuan suddenly said, suddenly told Van That. Before the surprise attitude of Van, he was still calth said: "Let me rent a room in your house?". From the years of the student, until I was going to work together Being with you like that. The two people were forever in a friendship story that they could have to go further. Van is always scared, afraid of having to see the left side of love. If she approached, she was just afraid to lose his friend. She has never tried to explore Tuan's deep mind. They are simply on side by side. Nasty, when deciding to turn through another path she is no longer contacted him. It is hiding in your heart in your heart, or feeling the way with such a person is enough. Half a year, it is also the part of the life that feels lived by me most, never listening to me so much. She didn't deny that the work and life had previously helped her become as resilient and as strong as now. But she no longer led to those days. Luxury hotels, five-star restaurants, lavish parties ... She doesn't need to come too. She also wondered, do I need that man so so? Love for you how this year is love is not just the attached feelings of a long-term friendship. She thought, now let's wait for quiet time to give her the insightful answers. And he suddenly appeared, did not notify any other identifier about the relationship of two people. He is still, innocent and sincere. He suggested she let him do something meaningful. I take you

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