Just Need A Charming Piece, Chau Bui, Ngoc Trinh Still Keeps The ‘extremely Standard’ Shape At The Holiday House

Many Vietnamese stars such as Ngoc Trinh, Ky Duyen, Chau Bui Choose a wire jump to keep the shape in the episodes in the season.0: 00/1: 59 nam south of the wire is a popular cardio exercise and very simply with a pieces of pieces Long suitable for each person. Normally, to measure the length of the wire you just trampled in the middle of the wire, two hands holding two stretches tips to the shoulders about the role. According to the study, with a person who can medium Can burn up to 10 calories. Within 30 minutes, the rope jump movement works to burn Calorie higher than walking

. The scientists have analyzed that, jumping rope for 30 minutes helps the body consumes 450 calories. If the rope jumps continuously for 10 minutes, it must be equivalent to 30 minutes or a 20-minute sports dance. Sports professionals also identify the implementation of 80 - 100 jump rhythms / minute equivalent to running 10km or cycling 30km / h
In addition, rope jumps also require you to consume more energy than swimming or aerobic episode. The wire is proven effective in reducing belly fat and helping to hunt abdominal muscles. When we jumped wire, we often tighten the abdominal muscles, so that the belly became slim, firmer. In this break, many Vietnamese stars choose a sporty dance to practice in the house. Just a dance wire, the living room, the bedroom or corridor can also become a place to practice. Housing at home avoiding translation, kiny training cardio by jumping rope. Every day she aims to complete 5 wiring jumpers, each of the 100 pieces. This is how she practices to consume energy from delicious meals by Thuy Kieu. Bui has shared an on-site exercise to help her feet and belly faster than jogging, which is a rope jump. This is a very familiar exercise in everyday life but the effectiveness of income is unbelievable
Wire jump wants to increase muscle, good fat burning also needs to ensure technical standards such as gym.mc daily life Mai Ngoc often began with hundreds of rope jumps, then moved to the thigh butt and abdomen. After all, she repeated the rope jump process to maintain slim shape, balance Momo (synthesized)

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