Just On The Tourism Industry From Wind Power Projects

Around in early 2021, wind power projects began to form in Gia Lai. This is not only the 'leverage' socio-economic development but also motivates the tourism industry in Gia Lai province 'took off'.0: 00/3: 50 south wind power copper in the commune (district Dak Doa) is an interesting attraction for travelers. Photo: baogialai.com

.vn Pleiku city center about 25km, down towards commune, Dak Doa district, from far from people who have been able to see the giant white wind turbine cylinders erase horns in the sky . Although it has been completed, about 7 pillars, but the wind power farm belongs to the Ia Peth-Dak Wind Power Plant Project 1 by Phong Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Do 1, the investment in Trang Trang, Ia Peth, Glar and a dirty (Dak Doa district) attracted hundreds of visitors in the province to visit and take photos. Blue buttocks of sweet potatoes, white wind power emerged in the middle of the sky in Veo Beautiful scenes like Europe
Many visitors came here from enjoying this very west scene. Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Thuy, Dak Doa Town, Dak Doa District, said: "I still monitor information about the progress of wind power projects being implemented and especially impressed by the huge size of the tower cylinder as well as propeller. When there is a fan with a large field, I feel this place becomes more modern, more vitality and also bring no less poetic beauty ". If the wind power field in Dak Doa district is attractive by The turbine pillars are located on the vast field, the wind power farm in Chu Don commune area, Chu Pu district, the wind impeller printed on the dark green background of the mountains of the mountains. This is a wind power project of Nhon Hoa 2 wind power plant project invested by Khon Hoa 2 Wind Joint Stock Company with 12 wind turbines with a total capacity of 50MW on an area of 32.2ha. There have been 6 completed wind turbine columns, becoming a tour destination of many nearby visitors. Ms. Bach Thi Ngoc Dung, Nhon Hoa Town, Chu Pu District, said before she only saw wind power pillars through television or watching on the phone
Therefore, when knowing local wind has wind power, sisters and you come to the place to look at and take pictures of memories. From this wind power building, my homeland will grow more richer and more people know more. The wind power projects are still being invested and completed. Economic efficiency from these projects is what everyone is easily noticed. Along with that, these clean energy works also promise to bring the "new wind" for the tourism industry. Especially when most works are built close to the famous destinations of many localities. This is a favorable condition on the journey to connect tourism in Gia Lai Province. Kieu Thu Huong, Head of Culture and Information Dak Doa district said that the wind power will be a remarkable highlight to collect Smoking visitors to Dak Doa. In particular, the wind power works are on the route leading to many attractive destinations of the district such as Glar Hill (Glar Commune), Double Falls and Terraced Fields (Xa Trang) or Lake Ia Tape (Ia Tape Commune ) ... It will be an interesting journey for tourists. It caught the tourism potential that wind power works, the Party Committee of Chu Don commune, Chu Pu district, quickly developed a draft resolution Thematic on construction and tourism development in the period 2021-2025, orientation to 2030. In which contents pay attention to the connection of wind power projects with landscapes in the area. Dang Le Minh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chu Don commune shared, Chu Don commune was formed by nature of nature to form beautiful landscapes such as Plei Lake Plei Poetry, Chu Don Mountain, Thac Ia Chieu, Stack of Stacks and Wind power works are gradually completing ... These are tremendous advantages, which are the basis for motivating tourism development, bringing tourism to become a key economic sector to create revenue for the locality, contribute hunger eradication of poverty reduction, socio-economic development. The commune aims to strive until 2025 to form tourist destinations and have 2-3 tourist attractions to visit visitors, including wind power locations; By 2030, tourism has become the main economic sector of the commune of Gia Lai province currently has 163 wind and solar power projects; There are 17 approved wind power projects. Up to now, 16 projects are being invested and constructed in 6 districts and towns include: Ia Grai, Dak Doa, Chu Prong, Kong Chro, Chu Puh and An Khe Town.Quang Thai (VNA)

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