Just Out Of The Grave, Why The Terracotta Troops Of Thuy Hoang ‘variable’?

After finding the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang, experts excavated the terracotta army. However, when taken out of the grave, the number of images' variable ... in 1974, the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang was found near Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China

. From here, experts conducted excavations in this ancient grave area and have many important findings. In the number of discoveries at the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang, experts impressed by the terracotta army. About 8,000 soldiers with the same size as the real person are found at the resting place of King Qin
Each soldiers in the terracotta army of Qin Thuy Hoang are unique, there is no duplication. Because each statue is crafted with the face, the hairstyle is not the same. In addition, the terracotta statues are also different "colored" artisans. However, experts have a strange and mysterious incident when excavating the terracotta army. It was something when putting the statues outside, they changed colors. According to experts, about 15 seconds after putting on the ground, the territors are oxidized and discolored. Therefore, the color of the statue changes a lot compared to staying in the tomb. Because there are many colors like green, pink, red ..
, most terracotta statue turns ash when putting on face Land. Not only changed colors, some statues are also warped, even breaking some pieces. Therefore, experts take time to restore these statues. Modern techniques and methods, archaeological professionals help preserve intact terracotta army of Qin Thuy Hoang. As a result, the public can admire this! Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (TH)

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