Just Paid Off The Debt, The Single Mother Burst Into Tears When Knowing The Kidney Failure Daughter

Every dream of becoming a doctor to cure her grandparents, now Ms. Quynh Chau must live in a serious disease. Every time I saw a daughter that looks over and looks like you're joking, Ms. Tram Pain Tear Flaxing.0: 00/3: 53 South Southern Day 8pm, in addition to the empty corridor of outpatient renal zones, Children's Hospital 2, alone Ms

. Le Thi Huyen Tram sat waiting. When she received the announcement of daughter who was finished, she was falling in sleep, she came to the baby to call slightly. Even so, Ms Quỳnh Châu was still shocked and cried
She was tired of falling on her mother's shoulders when preparing to run the tricks: "It has been more than a year, since she was a complication of renal failure Leading to high blood pressure, heart failure, just startled like that. There are many times when I don't suppress, like people who lose their consciousness, but when they are calm, they don't remember anything, don't believe he acted like that. "Huynh Chau is 11 years old . I was a lovely girl, agile, active. Small days, many times witnessed his grandmother with tormenting disease, Quynh Chau Ao wished to become a doctor to cure her grandparents, for his mother. It was impossible to suspect the disease soon severed the palace of her piety. At the age of 8, the new child in grade 3 is about 2 months, then pepper. "When she gets out of all, but I'm tired, eating is vomiting. I just thought I had intestinal disease, thinking that going to see and cure it would be right away. However, take me where to go, the doctor also tells your child to be fully immersed
When at Children's Hospital 2, the doctor announced that the child suffered from the end of the last stage, the next day he had to run the renal emergency. Sudden sickness, I was shocked very heavily, "the young mother trembled when he remembered. The children's eyes and loneliness caused adults to hurt the sick day, no longer going to school, she at the time Every time it looks out of the disease to go home. I demanded my mother to bring your books in the institute, but only sitting down for a moment, the blood pressure rises, she switches to the color, paste paper. Long gradual, the child is familiar with "new lifestyle", no longer demanding to go to school. More than a year ago, child blood pressure increased too high, urbing and breathing. After waking up, the doctor told Tram, her disease has complicated heart failure. From the severe disease, Quynh Chau or was startled, tired. Being a hyperactive child, many friends, but now, children often sit quietly, quietly see you. Occasionally, she said smaller: "Mom, I want to play with you, but I'm so tired, I don't like it," Tram listened to throbbing the heart of his heart. disadvantage. When the new child was 6 months old, the father left his family, the house did not look well. I grew up in my grandparents and mother's love arms. But the grandparents around the year were flooded with a few raw raw raw pies, a few corn beds, only enough to eat. After the grandparents suffering from joint disease so they couldn't do it as much. Tram Son lives in the shabby housing hosts to the yard of children's hospital 2 on Nguyen Du Street. I made from the Cardon with a worthwhile, seeing the increasingly lit up, she asked to work as a grandmother to take care of her grandmother, just repayed the debt. "That year had just paid off the debt, I was happy to say With her grandmother that this Tet can still be peaceful to eat Tet, who doubts in October of the year. Without a bag took the bag, it was necessary to enter the grandparents, then the relatives, the old company gathered for more than 5 million dong, 2 unused moms. Fortunately in the hospital, the doctors, the casualties of 2 mothers should help slightly, but not anywhere ", sad, sad and sad. Now this year, the out of Quynh Chau's outside drug costs about 6 Million VND each month, the money at the boarding is also up to 2-3.5 million VND, not to mention eating. When parents have nothing to help, Ms. Tram has to borrow 40 million VND from the policy bank to hold, but the amount quickly shallow cleansing. To have a few extra cure for children, I take advantage of receiving work As if washing dishes, rice shops, washing clothes, babysitting ... But over this month, serious epidemics make you do not have a job, benefactors also fall into misery, she no longer worries about Chi Treatment fees, medications for girls. "11 years of raising children, but now only impotence looks at their failure, I hurt!". The single mother urgently came to herbs, asking for a miracle to her daughter to continue to be dialysis, maintaining life.

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