Just Stopped, Her Mother’s Mother-sudden Boyfriend Watched When She Looked At The Mattress

Too tired of maintaining the love relationship is not supported by anyone, I and my boyfriend who count again. But, his mother's mother suddenly "brewed ', tried to support when I saw me washing the blanket. I and my boyfriend come together when I hurt because I was in love. At that time, old lover revealed Khanh's face when I announced pregnant. Not only rejecting the child, he still deliberately said the salty words, insults so shocked that I was shocked

. Since the time I was no longer, my heart was also cold with the men. Every day passed, I only knew the work and earning myself in the gnawence of pain. At that time, her boyfriend appeared
Anh considered care of me every day. Wearing I refused, you repeatedly asked me, I wanted to build my life with my life. With the sincerity, he turned the heart to true my stone with a day of damning the love rhythm. Don't want him to disappoint, I tell all the past past. Luckily, he understood and didn't want me to torment himself anymore. In addition to him, I felt true love and extremely happy. Then that day came, her boyfriend was eager to lead me about the family's debut. Although I was alarmed but I still have a shocking part. British family is rich and very basic. The parents are a doctor, a teacher and he is an engineer in the factory while my family is a pure life
It is only a worker that makes me extremely selfish. When I met heads, I knew I didn't leave any impressions of the two. Recently went to work, I always felt like everyone was growing, talking about me. Just see me close, the crowd looked away and disbanded. Through the roommate, I learned that the sister who loved this woman often retreated to her brother's room, convenient to build a good story about me to tell people with the same workshop. Their purpose is very clear, wanting me to know which position is to retreat. I discussed, my boyfriend confessed her family to stop by the situation we were too lame. My parents wanted him to find a wife to study but he was determined to pursue me. Seeing the lover consistently, I agreed to visit the house again as he pleaded. Thome, I went to the house to visit the doctors and stayed very late. About the inn is not safe so I keep me sleeping again. Oh torn replaced, that day but I didn't prepare anything. The result was a little blood in the mattress that made me confused, the earliest home to change clothes and sanitation. The blood mattress, I didn't see anything to remove the laundry. At the right time being struggling in the bathroom, his mother hidden the door to look at a turn and came out to me. Since then, the attitude of his boyfriend's mother was different. She frequently called to ask, sometimes sending me a little gift. Seeing a different boyfriend's mother "to drive" differently, I brought questions to ask him. I came out, she saw some blood on the mattress that I thought I was virgin. Since then, she is increasingly sympathetic to me, but we will constantly urge us to get married. Knowing this, in my heart I don't know so sad or happy. Luckily smiling, I should take the opportunity to enter the radiation? Please watch the video: holding a knife to rob the credit fund, the woman receives bitterness.

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