Just Talking To Your Friend In A Few Days, My Husband Was Angry With A Message That Makes Me Fall Back

I trusted and beside my friend in every situation. Unexpectedly she thanked me with such anger. I and Xuan are close friends for more than 20 years. Under the countryside, our houses face each other, so they turned to mind from a little bit. Mature, with her husband but we still keep friendship well, never cracked

. My love is different from me. She likes peaceful life, oriented and quiet. I love active, rich and attractive life
Xuan married for 3 years and divorced. I and my husband live happily. Around the spring divorce, I was always beside to comfort, encourage. When busy, spring also brought me to help my house work. She also often came to my house to eat with fun. Going here, Xuan asked if I could give her a few days? She sold a living house but hadn't found a new new house. But only 4 days left to hand over people. For me, there wasn't anything big. My house was widely and empty to 3 rooms, the mother of Xuan came there was no inconvenience. That, I discussed with her husband
I thought I would let my wife decide on the previous times. Unexpectedly he protested immediately. He said Xuan could find inns or go to the hotel a few days, he was willing to pay her hotel. But came to our house, it was definitely not. Tranh illustrated. Surprise, I tried to ask him from rejecting the Word of the spring, while our relationship was very good. My husband was upset while turning the phone he was holding on his hand over to me. Read the messages that my heart wants to stop beating because of a shortage and angry. The feeling of being "playing" behind the back is not easy to opposite. Added my husband's flirt. She is even if I ask my husband of sexual sentences. Although he didn't respond, she was still a monologue alone. Providing my gray face and sighed. He said she wanted to say everything to me but afraid I was shocked. Too angry, I called the spring, asking straight to the other messages. Spring didn't hesitate to respond: "Yes, I have sent you to the messages. Why are you all, and I don't? I don't like it. It's best to keep her husband tight Don't be open, I "picked up" lost. "I fell when I heard the spring told that bluntly. The friendship I tried to preserve, didn't seem to have a bitter ending like that. I'm angry with spring. How do she give up his wrongdoing with my husband? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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