Justice Artist Returned To The Hanoi Drama Theater After The Treatment Time

In July, the NSND Cong Ly had to be hospitalized after falling at his house. After a period of treating hospitalization, he was discharged from the hospital. At the theater. He lit the spelling altar and chatting with everyone after a long time. NSND Cong Ly is currently the Deputy Director of Hanoi Drama Theater

.NSND Justice of the colleague at the theater. (Photo: Thu Ha NSND). The colleagues share emotionally happy to see healthy artists, good spirits
NSND Thu Ha message: "Hope you soon return to take care of your brothers and continue new roles." On the past few days, many artists came to the house to visit justice after he was discharged. Besides colleagues, close friends, many loved audiences also sent health wishes to NSND Justice. They all expect him to be strong and can return to new roles in the earliest time. Justice husband and NSND has moved to a new house for convenience of traveling and stabilizing life. Ngoc Ha, the wife of justice, said that male artists are happy to receive attention and affection from everyone around. Many artists come to private homes visit justice after he discharged. : "After a mindfulness, health care, do not use social networks as much as before, but I felt a sincere plate through the visits, encouragement from brothers, friends, colleagues. I am really very touched and that are unforgettable dates ".the vietnamnet, last time, NSND's health information is also the" lucky bait "to the websites online Trying and viewing society
Recently, NSND was rumored to have died in a very malicious way. Excash this unfortunate information, the young wife of justice shared: "The artist is rumored by no rare but reading the news Hey, both I and Mr. Ly saw pressing and annoying. He is still healthy, so happy that they bring other people's health to rumor such a malice. I hope the social network will be purified so that there are no such rumors, affecting not only my husband but also many other artists ".NSND Justice is hospitalized at the end of July. Body, he slipped at home. He recovered health and discharge in October. Ngoc Ha confided during treatment, male artist remember stage, the audience. He tried to eat and carrying and practiced soon to return to the work.NSND was born in 1973 in Hanoi, was loved by the public in the army apple - meet at the end of the year of Bac Dau. Besides, he also participated in the field of dramas in the role of Deputy Director and actor. Recently, artists played some of the dramas noticed like the labyrinth, sunflower sunshine, fertilizing love ... in 2019, justice was awarded the title of people's artist. /H)

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