Jyp Entertainment Prevents A Member Of A Member Of A Personal Operation, Netizen Is Controversial

Currently Twice only focuses and promotes music activities.00: 00/04: 35 years 2021 Continuing is a very productive activity of Twice when she has just launched a new Japanese MV named donut . Earlier, the group had a comeback screen with full Korean album as well as launching both the impressive English song The feel.doughnut - The product carries the Christmas atmosphere of Twice. , Twice seems to only focus on music activities

. Members also rarely have personal activities to promote personal fortune, or even have the opportunity to test themselves in new areas. New, many fans are extremely angry when they know That JYP Entertainment management company does not let the members be free to do what they want. When a fan asked that when Jeongyeon would be filmed, the idol female answered that "I received that invitation
But the company stopped again." It is known that the idol that receives an invitation to film with his sister - actress Gong Seungyeon.Jeongyeon is prevented from personal activities. Before that, many times Jeongyeon also revealed that the company managing the intervention Deep into the desire of the members. It is known that the company does not allow Jeongyeon to dye any color, herself likes to let long hair but the company cuts shortly. Other times, when the fans asked "When Melody Project", the old girl just shook his head: "I have a plan. But during Christmas will have a project of the members so I will postpone . Maybe the next year I released the project ". Many fans have mixed opinion flows for this. Talking about filming, someone said that because Twice's schedule is quite thick so there is no time for Jeongyeon to go to film, so JYP refuses to worry about her health
However, the majority argued that this was too ... absurd, when Twice had 7 years in the profession, the members must not have personal activities, thereby tying the development ability of each person.

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