Kabul Airport Filled With Barbed Wire, Smoke Grenade Constantly Exploding

Kabul Airport is still a 'hot spot' when American soldiers and Taliban in the inner round, the outer ring monitoring the evacuation of the crowd is wanting to leave Afghanistan unstable. Guns, smoke grenades and barbed wire have been used to maintain the order.0: 00/1: 47 Southern thousands of Afghan people still camp around Kabul International Airport with hope to take the league city. The chaotic scene was recorded in online videos spread early in the early morning of 19-8 by local time. The United States 82 Umbes performed patrols along the airport's runway, where thousands of civilians Still camping here

.00: 00/00: 19 American patrols around the airportway Kabulith while the Taliban gunmen shot the smoke grenade and the grenade stun to disperse the crowd outside the airport. Reporter ABC Ian Pannell is in Kabul notes that the gunmen is quite "wild" and "shot, hitting people in a dangerous way". The gunshot continuously rang out outside the airport, where Talian was controllingTaliban in love Local people stay away from Kabul airport after 12 people were killed by hitting bullets or were trampled, Reuters quoted Taliban officials and Nato anonymously said
Taliban promised to prevent violence despite information About gunmen shot into protesters and attack journalists. America swears to retaliate if the Taliban attacks Americans or interferes with evacuation. The barbed wire fence is an effective obstacle to prevent Afghan people from overflowing into the airport about 15,000 Americans still stuck in Afghanistan after the Taliban occupied capital on August 15, according to AP news agency. US President Joe Biden has confirmed that it will make every effort to withdraw all American citizens and US allies from Afghanistan, even if this exceeds the deadline for withdrawal on August 31. American shop in Afghanistan also warns American citizens that Washington "cannot be safe for going to the airport", and they have to manage themselves when through the Taliban control stations.

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