Kabul Feces And Interests Of America-russia-china

Kabul on Taliban's hand, USA-Russia quickly contacted the commitment to diplomatic cooperation because of the Future of Afghanistan, but unknown how the cooperation will be when each country has its own benefits in Afghanistan. -8, the Taliban broadcasted the declaration of victory, ending the war in Afghanistan. Diplomats of major countries have immediately dialogue together to help find a solution for the future of Afghanistan. American Chief Antony Blinken, Russian co-member Sergei Lavrov and Chinese Foreign Minister (China) Wang My has bilateral diapoons together. All three are committed to ensuring international communication and cooperation to support Afghanistan to build a new government with the participation of all political forces in this country

. However, unknown where the specific level of cooperation will come when there are still differences in the benefits between the US, China and Russia related to the future of Afghanistan. Fine: Minimize the threats from Talibanto Politico Total consolidating from many former US diplomats, said that Washington needs to maintain relations with allies and partners, build a common terrorist policy to send a clear message to the Taliban - force still Being terrorist by Washington and the United Nations. America should also participate in diplomatic efforts, even with China and Russia, to minimize security threats arising from Afghanistan
A CH-47 Chinook helicopter evacuates US diplomatic staff from Kabul (Afghanistan) on August 15. Photo: APTHEO US Foreign Affairs, on August 15 August and August 16, Foreign Minister Blinken has discussed with a series of diplomatic leaders of China, Russia, allies and partners in Europe, Middle East , South Asia ... In these calls, Mr. Blinken mentioned the Afghanism - especially the plan to evacuate the American citizen and the Afghan people "vulnerable" from Kabul.Ba Lisa Curtis, Middle Advisor and South Asia in the US National Security Council (2017-2021), said the evacuation campaign was a priority before the US. Washington has brought a large amount of Embassy staff (USA) in Kabul to the country and leaves a part of human resources to support evacuation in the coming time. The United States is committed to bringing "as much as possible" Afghan people who are evacuated to the US or a third country. Curtis also said that the US should go to the conditions for the Taliban to be recognized as a legal leader in Afghanistan
US Secretary of State Blinken repeatedly repeated the Taliban request not to be revenge on those who worked for the Afghan government collapsed, ensuring human rights - especially the rights of women and girls - and a great and unaccustomed segment Nutritional terrorism. And Laurel Miller, the former US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan (2013-2017), said that the Washington government should keep the "neutral" view and wait to see how Taliban.Nga's behavior: strengthen and expand Paul Goble Paul Goble, experts on countries that have been in the Soviet Union, said that all countries in the region - including Russia and China - all noticed to leave some traditional conflicts, focusing on solving challenges General security due to volatility in Afghanistan caused. American, Russia considered terrorist is the foundation in foreign policy. However, Moscow dialogue with the Taliban even though it is considered a terrorist organization. This year, the Taliban delegation has twice to Moscow. The Kremlin was committed to the Taliban's victory that would not threaten Russia or Moscow's allies in Central Asia. Hest to the present, the Taliban kept this promise. Russia is one of the few countries still maintaining KABUL in Kabul and does not have to evacuate diplomats. Mr. Zamir Kabulov, Epicentist of the Russian President of Afghanistan, mentioned the possibility of Moscow to recognize the Taliban government, saying this will depend on the "new government's behavior". In addition, Russia has upgraded The country's military bases in Central Asia, organizing exercises with allies of collective security treaty (CSTO). However, the scale of CSTO is limited, at least not including Turkmenistan - the country that Dr. Stanislav Pritchin belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the Russian Academy of Sciences said the "weakest" border on the Afghan border. TS Fabio Indeo belongs to NATO Defense University Fund (Italy) also sharing a similar view of the Afghan-Turkmenistan border. Russian communication raises CSTO expansion ideas - by persuading both Turkmenistan and old members is Uzbekistan - And enhance Central Asia protection through this framework. However, the obstacle to Moscow is the "permanent neutral" policy that Turkmenistan has pursued since the 1990s until now. China: Not to Xinjiang Chao island Andrew Small, Member to organize Research Council EUROPE about foreign relations, said that one of China's priorities in relations with the Taliban will be related to separatist gunmen in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. When dialogue with the Taliban or in diplomatic efforts after the Taliban victory, China also mentioned the East Turkestan Islamic movement (ETIM) - Organizations operating mainly in Afghanistan

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