Kabul People Dose Back To Work Under The Close Monitoring Of The Taliban

Two days passed after the Taliban occupied Kabul, there were people in the capital of Afghanistan decided to go back to work to live. Although the series is committed to protecting life and property people, Amnesty for the other party Female battle or respect for the feminist given by the Taliban to receive many doubts, but life still has to continue. Mohammadullah's grocery (48 years old) has opened again, more than normal. He shared: "I'm afraid but the responsibility of raising the family forces me to open the door. I have no other source of income, if you don't open the store, how can I raise the family to 12 people? "

. Some other people said that most shops, supermarkets and schools in Kabul are closed. However, small grocery stores, meat shops, hospitals have opened. Diasciated with a few pick-up trucks Taliban flagged warriors
Mawlavi Haq Dost - a Taliban commander standing on the road - Speaking: "This is a legal system. We guarantee our warriors do not harass anyone even if it's Hazara, Tajik or Turk (Minority Group) ". Kabul City on 17.8 Leave Silent - Photo: Toronto Star Doctor Asadullah Wardak Back to work After 2 days at home. His children lived in Canada urged him to leave, but the doctor chose to stay. On his way to Sana Medical Hospital, the Taliban Warrior checked the car and his identity card. They said that he was free to work simultaneously to put the phone number to call if the hospital had a problem of supply or lack of drugs. Especially, the Taliban warrior reminded that the female doctor examined for female patients, If a female doctor examines female patients, there must be a female doctor next to the capital. hurt in the last 24 hours. He said at night with gunfire, the situation of Kabul is still tense and the Taliban warrior at several control pins near his home or blocking people
"Very few people go out. Everyone was worried ", according to Zanin. A German official once to Afghanistan received a lot of savings from a translator in Kabul that he had worked with. "I feel worried about your wife and children. The Taliban will punish it because we've ever worked for you, "it is a spouse to save the German official for Reporter Reuters Watch. Binh Binh

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