Kedmi Expert: America Will Continue To Put Pressure Until The Unipolar World Collapses

The collapse of the Soviet Union has strengthened this idea in the minds of American politicians.0: 00/1: 35 Washington's energetic domains for other countries will lead to the collapse of the menu world. America's extreme - a Russian political expert warns.Washington will continue to consider Russia and China as "threat" until the US escapes its own "illusion of advantages". This was stated by Russian political scientist Yakov Kedmi

.Theo Mr. Yakov Kedmi, the idea of creating a unipolar world headed by the United States has come to US leaders after World War II ends. At the same time, the collapse of the Soviet Union strengthened this idea in the minds of American politicians, and also stimulated the appearance of the ideas of their own monopoly
Then, the United States catches The first made efforts to transplant democracy into other countries, without paying attention to their cultural and historical characteristics. Russian politics Yakov Kedmi. KEDMI political research house note That Washington has "built a democracy" in Afghanistan for 20 years, but the results are still "a regular dictatorship". "This war in the world will continue to strengthen until the United States returns Its natural scale, the capital was large due to the consequences of World War II and was inflated to unacceptable size after the Soviet Union collapsed. It hit the top of the American politicians, and they realized that he was the master of the whole world, "Kedmi said on the waves of Sputnik radio. Yakov Kedmi also emphasized warning that Washington's pressure on Other countries will lead to the collapse of the United States world. At the same time, the main rivals of the United States will remain Russia and China, countries do not intend to follow the guidance of Washington. jar

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