Keep 6 Wrong Habits When Bathing, Not Cleaner But Also Increased The Risk Of Skin Infections: 3 Notes To Promptly Change Immediately

Bathing is not only a daily body hygiene action, which also has many risks, harmful to health. You need to grasp the following to not shower the wrong way.0 of the way.0 of the year, people often choose bathing in the morning when they just wake up, or the evening, when working on. This is not just a daily activity to clean, and also helps us relax, wake up the body

. However, if you make these mistakes, unintentionally make bathing to wash Health.6 The wrong habit of showering1. Shower too often Many people who are clean, or like bathing should often spend different time in the day to bathe
In particular, on hot weather days, people are easy to sweat and feel even uncomfortable, bathing many times a day often happen. However, it should be noted that too carefully cleaning can Losing natural oils on the skin, as well as damage to the horn layer - the protective layer on the skin surface. Thus, the skin's protective barrier becomes weak. The skin has just become rough, has just reduced the ability to fight strange germs, causing the risk of skin infections. Even, Dr. Brandon Mitchell, Vice Professor of Dermatology at George Washington University (USA), said that Every day shower is unnecessary. The best bath rate is only several times a week, he said. Do not clean towels, cotton bathsMany people often dry and store towels, bathrooms or other shower products in the bathroom space for convenience. However, this is a multi-humidity environment, suitable for bacteria to grow and develop. They can hide right in your bath products
That, if not regularly cleaned, dried in a sunshine to kill bacteria, this is a scary "bacterial drive". You use them while bathing, not only the body is not cleaner, but also accidentally helps bacteria approach their bodies more easily. Using too many soaps, bathing milk on the skin is different in each body component. When using plenty of soaps, shower gel to less detachment areas will cause the lipid on the skin surface to recover in time and lose, the skin will become dry. In particular, for those with indigenous or sensitive skin, the skin will become dried with peeling, red causing unpleasant snoring, can be exercised to skin allergies. Mitchell said, everyone Do not apply soap or shower milk all over when bathing, but only prioritizes to focus on places with foul smells like armpits or legs.4. Wash your face directly under a strong shower, which is very fragile, especially for those with sensitive skin, so the clean face washing with a shower will cause a stronger irritation. This habit may even cause facial capillaries, making skin rash and more susceptible to allergy.5. Shampoo at the same time Many people often bathe, wash at the same time to save time. Even, they also share a soap for both heads, face and body. This is harmful to the skin is not small. The most suitable bathing is: washing your face, bathing your body, then shampooing. The heat in the bathroom will expand the pores on the skin, if washing the front will help the pores on the face are not sealed by dirt. After that, you should wash the first hair to avoid poor circulation, easy to cause blood vessel diseases. Before shampooing help your body be familiar with water temperature, bring more positive effects in circulation Blood circulation, avoid negative influence on the nervous system. Photo: Internet6. Rub strong for cleaning to clean, many people use cotton towels or rubbing cotton when bathing. This will destroy the protection fence of the skin. Horn-incompeted horns in the skin can be peeled, unable to protect the skin from harmful factors in the outside environment. Besides, the horns also play a role in preventing loss of substances Nutrition of the body, especially water. On average, thanks to horns, adults only take about 240-480ml of water every day through the skin. If this layer of cells is damaged, the amount of water lost will increase by more than 10 times.Do, only should rub it carefully in areas with thick epidermis like knees, heels ... should use soft towels for those The remaining skin area is on the body. It is necessary to note that 3 points should be noted when understanding mistakes are susceptible to a daily bathing, everyone needs to know the following notes: about the number of baths: In the summer, high temperature is easy to sweat, can take a shower once a day, but in other seasons, according to the specific situation, adjust. In particular, the elderly and young children can reduce the frequency of the right. age. About bath water temperature: need to be controlled fit, it is best to close to human body temperature. The too high water temperature will cause vasodilation and affect the flow of the circuit, leading to a lack of oxygen. Cold water can cause colds or cramps. * According to Sohu, Dailymail

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