Keeping After The Drunkenness, Startled To See Lying On The Beautiful Girl

The sweet love and passionate promises of the people of Khiem, the more suffering when he thought of him, he had another daughter beside 9: 00/1: 37 namthun saw the priority of Girls day are often optimistic, dynamic, crowned worry, approaching talking. He invited her to the warehouse with her so that she had seen the secrets for a long time she always wanted to find out. In the warehouse, how many painful memories were signed and sent on the pictures The gypsum statue, on the roots he picked up where his mother met the accident, making Thanh Van. Photo: Golden Sen said that she was arranged for Thanh Van a position in Phat Dat to make her future not just wandering with a sample job for My Ngoc. However, with the current situation, it still remains Tha Tha Thanh Van Let's stay in this house for a while more time

. The sincere words of the Duy do Thanh Van are moving, she is doubtful "a merchant Selling drugs is this? ". Meanwhile, Khiem was awake after the oversold. Started when she saw the cottage next to me, humble having a mind why she was here
Quyen Quyen said that both didn't do something too much and she was skeptical of the sex or herself was not charming enough. Nephontoever after being too crushed and startled when she saw Xinh Quyen Lieutened up. Dormitory dormitory and asking for the reason why the humility was so humble, but Khiem was still immortal and assumed that it was all family stories. Tieu Quyen asked about the girl who called Khiem. When I was confused but quickly calmed down and thought it was my cousin and confirmed that I didn't love anyone. Tieu Quyen did not ask anything more because Thanh Van himself also told her like that. Van Van and My Ngoc. After dealing with Xieu Quyen's story, Khiem quickly called Thanh Van and appointment she met tonight to say How will everything evaluate. How will the Khiem explain about your close relationship with another girl? Invite the audience to see the next movement of Vietnamese film gambling to broadcast at 20 hours From Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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