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Movie Beauty 18 was aborted by yourself right in front of Ekip and 'Hot Hoang Scenes' from Cam Giang.Ly Ly Tran was dubbed the '18th film goddess 18' and this beauty is very popular on the screen Hong Kong photo. She filmed a movie from 17 years of age, thanks to the possession of pure and innocent beauty that helped Americans born in 1966 become a dream lover of men. When it was famous, Ly Le Tran had the opportunity to work together with an autologous actor Truong Quoc Vinh in for Your Heart Only. The hot filming brings a aura to her but not a little consequence

. In the process of filming Girls Unbutton was released in 1993, '18-movie goddess 18' was heavily insulted by the sexual abuse action series of actresses. Specifically, in a hot scene 18, Ly Le Tran was extremely shocked and hit when he was used by this male man. The actor deliberately bite the chest of Ly Le Tran, causing a trace extremely obscene on the body
The capital of this detail is not in the script but the private salamer has spreads and does not adopt the opinion of the entire Ekip. This is not the only time that Ly Le Tran was killed by this actor in Girls Unbutton. At the hot tub, the beauty of the family continues to be bothered by wage, taking actions not in the script. The acts embrace, rolling 'crazy' in the country, causing Ly Le Tran unbearable, just want to end as quickly as possible. It is worth mentioning here that these actions of Hao's wage are surpassed director and whole ekip. Even "the hot scene" from Cam Giang could not discover this embarrassing behavior of the junior. From Cam Giang, it is famous for being true, always protecting and caring for women to close the hot scene. If it witnessed that scene would definitely not let yet. After this psychological injury, Ly Le Tran suspended the acting and career also had a significant change. The beauty only re-exported when he was closed to the 2nd 2-year-old pearl woman with the words of Cam Giang and Thu Ky

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