Khanh Thi Must Live Away From The Epidemic Season, Heavyweight When Only Meeting ‘flashes’

Due to the job so both spouses Khanh Thi - Phan Hien must live far away in this season.0: 00/1: 32 nam Khanh Thi - Phan Hien is a couple getting attention from the audience by the skew Age and small families are admirable. The days of distances of ways, due to the artistic activities must be suspended so both switch to teach dance and sell online. Small family of Khanh Thi - Phan Show Ho Chi Minh City is making a relaxation The society should be in Khanh Thi and Phan Hien to stay in the center to facilitate work, while protecting family health. The two small children of the couple are Ku Bi (6 years old) and Anna ( 3 years old) sent to grandma to take care of

. Sharing on the personal page, Khanh Thi said she could only meet children in "flashy". The post of Khanh Thi "About visiting the children in a flash of lightness. Life makes people makes it possible to change quickly And losing value only in the nature of a mediocre pleasure
Mong Bi - Na is always lovely like now. Release the whole house to eat together, "Khanh Thi shared his feelings on Facebook . Below under the article, many users have also left the words of Khanh Thi, and hope their couples and small families stay healthy, peacefully overcome the episodes .- "Mong family is always peaceful Overcoming the episodes ".-" Cau Mong Van Su An Yen for Khanh Thi Family ".-" Wish the family Khanh Thi and Phan Hien all are peaceful and health, together overcome this season. " Knowledge of Khanh Thi - Phan Hien is soon urgently so that children can be returned to school. Besides, Khanh Thi Phan Hien said the whole family will plan to travel after the disease is controlled. "My most expectation is now everyone who is strong, peaceful", Couple Khanh Thi - Phan Hien shared with the press is not long ago.

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